How to Keep Your Teeth Clean And Healthy?

We generally don’t give as much attention to our teeth as we should. In fact, we don’t give it even half the care we do to other body parts. This is true for people across the world, irrespective of the faiths they believe in. Why this happens? Or why we do this? One major reason is the thought process we have, as believe that teeth don’t get damaged that easily. We also wrongly believe that they won’t be harmed, come rain or shine. Sadly, this is not the case as your teeth are prone to damage, disease, fracture, and decay. We however can keep them healthy and strong and disease-free with regular oral care.

Here are some of the ways to keep our teeth clean and healthy –

  1. Provide the right nutrition

    Your teeth need nutrition and nourishment very much like any other part of the body. Their requirement is basically of minerals and five key nutrients, including calcium, magnesium, fluoride, phosphorus, and vitamin D. These very nutrients provide vigor and strength to your teeth and keep them strong. You can eat fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, meats, dairy products, almonds, apples, carrots etc. for the best dental nutrition.

  2. Brush and floss daily
    Woman brushing teeth in front of mirror

    Brushing and flossing daily is required to keep out plaque, bacteria and food particles from your teeth or from between the teeth. Those who don’t brush and floss regularly at a greater risk to dental problems than those who do. Tongue cleaning is equally important to kill off germs and bacteria inside your mouth. When your oral hygiene is good, it leads to clean and healthy teeth.

  3. Use right toothpaste toothbrush

    Oral care comes with some etiquettes which you should definitely adhere to at all times for better results for your teeth and gums. Like for example, dentists always advised brushing with fluoridated toothpaste and using only a soft-bristled toothbrush at least twice a day. Using a fluoride-containing toothpaste can help you stay away from the risk of bacteria and cavity. Plus, a right toothbrush can keep away the risk of enamel erosion.

  4. Use an antiseptic mouthwash

    Rinsing the mouth with water can dilute the positive effects of fluoride as you don’t allow the mineral to stay in the mouth for longer. On the other hand, using a mouthwash can help kill bacteria and keep your breath fresh and sparkling. Even if you are unbaled to brush someday, you can still use an antiseptic mouth rinse to wash away all the harmful bacteria from your mouth.

  5. Avoid smoking

    Avoid smoking

    Quit smoking immediately if you yearn for pearly white teeth and pink gums. Tobacco in any form can stain or discolor your teeth and make them weak over time. It can also lead to bad breath. Worse still, your habit carries the risk of lung cancer and heart disease. And the question is, why would you allow harmful chemicals to spoil your teeth when you could get a charming smile!

  6. Rinse your mouth after every meal

    Rinsing your mouth after every meal is a good oral habit. It helps wash away the food struck in your mouth or between your teeth. You also stop plaque formation so chances of being struck with cavities and teeth sensitivity are low. Plus, water is never bad for your body, no matter in which form you take it.

  7. Drink plenty of water in a day

    Water is nothing less than an elixir for your teeth. It helps in two big ways – first, it neutralizes the acidic foods you eat to keep the enamel intact; secondly, it helps scrub away foods particles from your mouth. You can drink as much you could throughout the day to prevent plaque formation and this can also help keep your mouth hydrated. And when the mouth is hydrated, bad breath never happens.

  8. Stay away from harmful foods

    Best Foods For Your Teeth

    Clean and healthy teeth are not possible unless you stay away from sweet, sticky and dark-colored food items. Even if you can’t stop eating them altogether, you can at least cut back their quantity to minimize dental risks. They can help in plaque formation and make bacteria run riot in your mouth to cause a lot of damage. Some of these foods include tea, coffee, wine, candies, cakes, soda, soft drinks etc.

  9. Visit the dentist regularly

    All the dental tips in the world would come to a naught if you did not visit the dentist regularly. There is no replacement for regular dental check-ups or dental cleanings or oral exams. A top dentist in flushing NY can help spot problems early so that right treatment could be initiated. You must visit the dentist every six months or so as it can guarantee you optimum dental health. Only they can you stay on top of your dental health.

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