How to Optimize Your Website For Mobile Commerce and Boost Sales

During the last few years, Mobile commerce has seen unprecedented growth. Surveys and statistics suggest that by the end of 2021, mobile e-commerce sales will account for 54 percent of overall commerce sales. E-commerce owners regard mobile shopping as very important for boosting sales. To improve your business radar and increase the visibility of your store on mobiles, it is very important to optimize your website so that it performs well on mobile devices. It is very important to check whether your website is mobile friendly by considering aspects like the loading of images and videos, UI/UX, text visibility, page loading speed, Clickability, and the use of pop-ups as well. Moreover, the product images in e-commerce portals need to be clearly visible, and the checkout page should be simple and easy to use. Some of the most important ways to optimize your e-commerce portal for mobile commerce and boost sales are as follows –

  • Responsive, user-friendly website design

Your e-commerce site may look great when viewed on the desktop but it may have issues loading on mobile phones. It has been seen that most of the time a part of the design is cut off when a site is viewed on mobile commerce sites. Often, a part of the website design does not load properly or it is hard to click on certain elements of the website. A responsive Magento platform can solve this problem very well. Most consumers tend to spend time surfing their favorite websites on their smartphones. Therefore, a responsive site that has a user-friendly navigation is very important to boost sales on your e-commerce store. The important pages of your website must be easy to find, easy to access and clickable at the same time. This will surely encourage users to spend more time on your site and cause them to end up purchasing stuff from your site eventually.

  • Work on product listings

It is very important to keep product listings short and on point when you consider consumers who use mobile phones to browse your website. The amount of space on the display of mobile is limited so it is very important to use that space wisely. Consumers do not want to be bombarded with a lot of text on their mobile screen. Therefore, provide a brief description of the product and keep it simple. Keep descriptions simple by providing only the product name, price, variant option and a call to action button to make it easy for consumers to add the product to cart. Customize description so that they reflect the tone of your brand. Providing a personalized touch can set you apart from your competitors. Too much text will take away emphasis from the product. Give a short, to the point product description and let product images do all the work. Also, do not forget to introduce high-quality images, as they can provide visitors with deciding factors that motivate them towards purchasing items from your site.

  • Try to opt for intuitive check out process

The goal of any e-commerce business owner is to move users toward the sales funnel and get them to buy your products. A check out process that is not optimized for mobile can really be hassled some for consumers and they might end up leaving your site. An intuitive and hassle free check out process will always lead consumers to purchase products from your site. You should always keep in mind that for users using mobile devices, the screen is much smaller than desktop. It means that content should be concise, the buttons should be bold and the forms shall be easy to fill out. A user should not be baffled while they are through with the intuitive check out process. They should be able to seamlessly checkout after they are done with the purchase. A seamless smooth check out process will always boost the sales of an e-commerce store. You need to seek the help of a renowned web development professional web development professional to get help in this domain.

  • Eliminate invasive pop-ups, ads and optimize images

pop-ups, ads and optimize images

If your website has ads popping up every now and then, it is more likely that Google will show your website pretty much later in the search engine results. Too many pop-ups create a bad experience for users and eventually cause them to leave the site without making a purchase. When a lot of ads keep popping up repeatedly while consumers are trying to search for a particular product they find it very annoying. Also, it is very important to optimize your images and videos so that they load in a short time when you browse using your phone. The product images should be clear and should be of an appropriate sizing for the image design. The videos should be of the right size and should not start playing automatically. Also, it is always better to check the loading times of videos and images when you browse the site from your mobile.

  • Go for an experienced web development professional

It is always better to seek the help of an expert to get your site optimized for mobile. Considering the increase in usage of mobile commerce, it is very important to get the right people to help you out in this domain. Magento for mobile commerce is an affordable and reliable way to create a site that is ready to grow your e-commerce business. Responsive themes, mobile-friendly checkout, and progressive web applications are things that would help you make your site better for consumers.

To sum up, developing a responsive, user-friendly website; working on product listings, optimizing videos and images, making the content precise, having an intuitive check out process and eliminating pop up ads are some of the most effective ways to optimize your website for mobile commerce and boost sales. Take the help of experts in this domain as they will understand your needs and help you get the mobile commerce platform developed exclusively for mobile users. In order to boost sales, it is very important for you to pay attention to mobile users, as their number is huge when compared to overall sales over other channels on your store. An experienced and skilled web development professional will always make use of Magento for mobile to develop your e-commerce site perfectly for mobiles.

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