How Your Decor Can Affect your Life

The way we feel in our home is largely influenced by the things around our home, their colour and their arrangement. So, if you feel unhappy in your home, it’s perhaps because of the décor (it sounds silly, I know!) The good news is that you can do something about it and make your home an oasis of peace, serenity and joy. You need to consider a few things such as the colours of the walls in your home, and the prevailing colours generally, the proper lighting, the science of Feng Shui, bringing in nature as well as updating accessories and perhaps even redecorating certain parts of your home. In the follow up of the article, we’ll be sharing some tips underlying the psychology of interior design, so read on if you aim to make your home the home you’re happy to come to.

1. The colours you choose affect how you feel

The choice of colours plays an important role in affecting our mood. This is something that has been known for some time. Certain colours, when used in particular rooms evoke either positive or negative feelings. This is something that affects us on a subconscious level. So, depending on what feelings you aim to evoke, you can choose a certain colour. For example, red symbolizes power and passion and as such, it can be used to add warmth to places and make them more intimate. Orange stands for energy and innovation and it is best used as an accent colour as too much of it can make people feel overwhelmed. Yellow is a colour that promotes happiness, creation and creativity, while green is known for its soothing features. Blue is the colour that suggests calmness and freshness, whereas purple signifies royalty and luxury. Gray tones provide relaxation and serenity and black is a symbol of the assertion. White stands for cleanliness and purity. Consider carefully the colours you choose as your home’s paint colours affect your overall mood.

2. You should opt for different forms of lighting for the rooms around your home

Decor Can Affect your Life

When it comes to lighting, it is one of the most important features in our home. You should have plenty of natural light coming in your home through windows and/or skylights. We generally feel much better when we’re surrounded by natural light. Fix broken windows promptly and dress your windows in blinds or elegant curtains. However, we can’t rely on natural light only. That’s why you need to consider the artificial lighting around your home. Opt for different forms of lighting suitable for each room. Make sure there’s enough light and also it would be a good idea to have the possibility of dimming the lights and turning only some parts of the overall lighting systems in a certain room.

3. If necessary – consider redecorating

It can also happen that your home needs some bigger modifications and redecorating. For example, you might need to merge/split rooms or design work offices. If you’re considering some wall panels or building a new furnace, you can opt for custom sheet metal, which is perfect for such instances. Consider what you can do in the home that would make it more comfortable and thus enjoyable for you.

4. Arrange your furniture the Feng Shui way

Decor Can Affect our Life

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese science that explains how we should arrange our furniture and other elements around our home to assure optimal and healthy life and good fortune as well. For example, Feng Shui suggests arranging your bed in the bedroom in a way that your head is against the wall while you sleep as it promotes a sense of security and good sleep. As for the living room, place furniture so that it’s facing the entrance of the room so your guests feel cozy, outgoing and welcoming. Also, store your cleaning supplies and food supplies in separate pantries. These are just a few instances of Feng Shui science, there are plenty more you can learn about.

5. Bring in life with some greenery

Add some leafy plants as well as some succulents as they instantly bring life into your home. They represent nature and bring in relaxing qualities of sight and smell.And they’re also functional in purifying the air around your home. You can place them all around your home, in your living room and bedroom, on the balcony.

Interior design, as well as its effects on us, is a whole science and these tips are just the tip of the iceberg.

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