Innovative Branding Ideas for your next Corporate Event

Branding at events helps to not just highlight your sponsors, but also to showcase your own brand, and create awareness regarding your business and values. Most event management companies in Bangalore use these cost-effective methods of branding during corporate events:

    • Edibles:

      Baking has come a long way; today you can have cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and muffins made in brand colors, and even have the logo printed on them. Handmade chocolates can also be embossed with the brand name. Innovative, and not very expensive either.

    • Event paraphernalia:

      At most corporate events, participants are given folders, stationery, badges and printed programs. This is a huge branding opportunity. You can simply print your desired brand logo and company name on all of these. These items are also likely to stay with the attendees for a long time, serving as a reminder of your brand and event.

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  • Branded lecterns and podiums:

    This is great when you have speakers who use lecterns or podiums. All eyes will be on the stage, and there will be lots of photographs being taken. Many of these pictures will be shared on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The reach is huge! If you brand the lecterns or podiums, it’s a great opportunity to showcase either your own brand or your sponsors. You can go with inexpensive options like printing your or the sponsor’s brand name and logo and fixing it on the lectern with strong G-Tape.

  • Lights:

    Thanks to LED lights, today you can have inexpensive but exotic looking lights at the venue; but how can you brand with lights? Simple: use the colors of your brand! Of course, this doesn’t mean that you use only those colors, as it may be a bit impractical to have, say, only red and blue lights everywhere. Top corporate event management companies in Bangalore use colored lights at strategic places, like at entrances and exits, food stations, corridors and so on.

  • Wristbands:

    when people check in at the registration counter, slip on a wristband that is not only in your brand colors, but also includes the event hashtag. It’s fun, it’s quirky, and not easily forgotten.

  • Lounging and dining areas:

    Create branded corners or areas for guests to relax between sessions. You can have pull-up standees or a huge vertical banner in the middle of a couple of comfy sofas. You can also have banners and buntings in the dining area, so that when people are relaxing with a drink or food, they will notice it, and it will remain in their minds.

  • Takeaways:

    Often, arrange for gifts to be given to guests at the end of the event. This is a great branding opportunity because the gift will most certainly be taken home, and keep reminding the guests of the brand, the event and their experience.

  • Value branding:

    You can also showcase your values through the event. For example, if your company has a CSR activity of looking after say, orphaned children, and your event is a ticket event, prominently display at strategic places, that x% of the ticket sales is being used for the welfare of orphaned children. Or, if environmental sustainability is one of your most touted values, ensure you have recycle bins to collect unwanted paper and used plastic, avoid use of disposable plates and cutlery, and so on.

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