Is Lasik Eye Surgery Safe?

Lasik is a very popular and very commonly used solution used for vision correction. It is also known as laser eye surgery or laser vision correction. Over the years, this procedure has become very popular and this takes only a few minutes to complete this eye surgery for each eye. This surgical procedure has made it possible to give the patients crystal-clear eyesight to millions of patients without even wearing contact lens or glasses. But one question which still remains is whether Lasik eye surgery is safe or not.

With the advent of the advanced technologies and utilizing the expertise of the experienced surgeons, Lasik eye surgery is indeed one of the safest vision correction surgeries available in the present time. One of the common apprehensions surrounding this method is Lasik surgery safe for me. It becomes important to let people know about this surgery and who would be the right person for this surgery. Luckily, these expert tips can considerably help you in minimizing these risks and also to ensure that you manage to receive long-lasting & safe eyesight which you deserve.

Who Is The Right Candidate For Lasik?

Lasik eye surgery appears to be a good choice when it comes to correcting vision, however, to determine whether this surgery safe for you, you must be the right person for this job. There are certain parameters that the eye surgeon will take into account before performing this surgery.

You are likely to be a perfect candidate for Lasik surgery if:

  • You are at least 18 years old
  • Your eyesight has been in a stable condition for two consecutive years or more
  • Your eyes are already in a healthy condition
  • Your eyes have thick corneas
  • No history of active corneal disease
  • Pregnant and nursing women cannot undergo this surgery
  • If you are wearing eyeglasses, then it should be within the prescription limit set by the eye surgeon

You should also ideally contact your eye doctor in order to discuss if Lasik eye surgery is the best option for your case.

Choosing An Experienced Doctor

Eye Lasik Surgery Safe

With something which is valuable for your eyes, this is absolutely crucial that you trust them with someone who has years of proven experience in conducting Lasik eye surgery. Working with an experienced doctor not only helps in receiving the best treatment for your vision imperfections but this can also facilitate in minimizing the complications.

There are several facilities which have numerous doctors who specialize in Lasik surgery. In such facilities, they have full teams of dedicated in offering the top-notch care for the patients. These specialist doctors would certainly help you in getting rid of your glasses and see the world clearly once again.

Before the surgery- Is Lasik eye surgery safe is determined by pre-examining the person. There are certain things that you must match for ensuring that the surgery is performed safely:

  1. The doctor will first examine your eyes to check if you are the right candidate. Some doctors may also ask for previous medical records.
  2. Examination of the surface of the eye to ensure that you don’t have dry eyes after Lasik surgery.
  3. Corneal topographer is used to create a precise map of your cornea.
  4. The eye doctor will advise you to stop wearing lenses or glasses at least 2 weeks prior to the surgery.

Usage Of Advanced Technologies For Lasik Eye Surgery

Eye Surgery Safe

Lasik technologies have usually played a very significant role in the overall development as well as the advancement of the procedure over the passage of the years. Today there are several cutting-edge tools available which very smoothly allow the surgeons in treating the patients and also making the complete process a safe and secure one.

The surgeons adopt several latest technologies which include iFS bladeless laser. This particular laser creates a very strong & secure flap within seconds and indeed is proven to provide the patients with faster, safer and precise Lasik procedure.

The surgeons usually implement the cool-beam laser in order to apply effective treatment for vision correction. The cool-beam laser very well provided some outstanding precision in order to ensure that the cornea is reshaped and take the exact curvature that is required to correct your vision effectively.

On top of that, the laser uses Iris Recognition in order to track the movement of your eyes during the surgery procedure. The patient remains awake during the surgery and repositions the laser in order to ensure the correct treatment.

Is Lasik eye surgery safe is decided by what kind of techniques are incorporated? Some of the popular ones are mentioned above, while two commonly used ones are mentioned below:

Spot-scanning lasers- It is also known as flying-spot laser. In this technique, a small-diameter laser beam is used for the treatment and is used for irregular astigmatism.

Slit-scanning lasers-It makes use of smaller beams which are attached to a rotational device. They are more effective and produce smoother treatments. however, only an experienced surgeon can perform this test.


If you are still worried, is Lasik eye surgery safe for you, then an experienced eye surgeon should be able to help you with the same.

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