Know How to Clean Your Carpet After Pet’s Mess

Having pets in a home is a great experience considering their loyalty and compassion for their owners. Pets can cheer you up, give you a company, and also be your walking partner in morning or evening. Pets are always very alert, so they also play an important role in keeping your house safe from outsiders attempting to enter in your house without ringing a doorbell. Pets are lovable, but they can be messy and there’s no denying that. Even if your dog or cat is well-trained, chances are once in while they will urinate or vomit on your beautiful carpet, threatening to spoil its classic finish and fibers.

As a responsible pet owner as well as a house owner, you should always be keen to find out about the best carpet stain removal products in the market and purchase them because as a pet owner you never know when you will get an unpleasant surprise from your pet on your carpet. However, cleaning your pet’s mess is not as easy and straightforward as rubbing a stain with a stain remover. There are important points to remember while cleaning pet stains for getting lasting as well as effective results in cleaning. Read on to know more about it.

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1. Act Fast. What does this mean here, that you should spot pet stain as soon as possible because the longer it stays, the deeper it penetrates inside the carpet fabric and more difficult it is to get rid of it. The faster you work on the stain, easier it is to remove. Use a pet hair vacuum to ensure that the carpet is clean, to extract as much of a liquid from the stain as possible and then apply a good quality CO2 contained pet stain remover according to the product instructions. You can also use clean absorbent towels. Avoid rubbing the spoiled surface as it can damage the carpet fibers.

2. Different Types of Carpet Affect Ease of Removing Stains. As you may be knowing, the amount of time taken by carpet stain removal products differs with the type of carpet. A berber carpet is easier to work on while removing pet stains because of its level-loop formed with a thick yarn. Stains sit atop these loops before penetrating through, which means that if you act quickly, you can easily remove pet stain on the carpet through blotting.

Then there is a multi-level loop carpet with varied loop sizes, which hold more dirt. Due to variation in loop size, it’s easy for pet’s mess to slip through the fibers and penetrate deep inside. Such stains are difficult to remove. Common pile carpet has varied thickness. Thicker pile traps more particles.

3. Some Sub-standard Products Do More Harm Than Good. Not all carpet stain removal products are designed and made to remove pet stains easily. Some poor quality, sub-standard products do more harm than good. These products are made of certain ingredients that can remove pet stains but also discolor the same fabrics. Instead of relying on home remedies, use a good quality, natural, safe and organic carpet stain remover products which are safe on the fabric on which it is applied.

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4. Do Not Just Remove the Stain, eliminate the Odor also. There are many carpet stain removal products available in the market that remove the stain but cannot eliminate the odor completely. Best stain removal products contain natural, non-toxic and safe ingredients including CO2, which is a natural protein buster. All ingredients effectively remove the stain while also eliminating stain odor completely so that your home smell as fresh as ever.

5. Keep Stain Removal Products Handy. Keep good quality stain removal products readily available so that you can act quickly as soon as you spot the stain. Not having them around can give enough time for stains to penetrate deep inside and they can be difficult to remove.

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