List of Kitchen Equipment Needed to Start a Restaurant

Restaurant business is a big deal. You need a properly furnished set up along with the all-essential kitchen appliances for your restaurant. Every restaurant, regardless of its type, needs all basic equipment which is necessary to carry out the routine tasks of the kitchen. Finding the right kitchen appliances for your restaurant starts with your needs. Decide what your requirements are, then accordingly shortlist the required kitchen appliances.

To help you out with the essential restaurant kitchen appliances needed for new kitchen startups, here is the list. Browse through it and plan accordingly.

  1. Refrigeration-

    Commercial refrigerators and freezers may take up a huge portion of your savings, but you must need these for your kitchen. There are varieties of dishes being prepared and served in the restaurant. For which you may need fresh ingredients, ice for shakes and drinks and so on. Further, you need to maintain inventory and keep everything ready in stock. For which, you will need a place to store all these. Thus, refrigerators, freezers, air coolers become essential kitchen appliances. They keep fruits, vegetables and other ingredients fresh and safe, thereby increasing the shelf life of food items.

  2. Shelving-Restaurant Shelving

    Apart from storing food items in a refrigerator and freezer, you need to think about storing dry goods and utensils as well. There are lots of things in the kitchen which is required to be kept in a separate area within easy reach of your staff and chef. Do not forget to purchase accessible shelves while purchasing your kitchen appliances. You will need them to store pots and pans, canned fruits, dry fruits, cutlery, and so on. You will need separate are for storing takeout packaging, tissues, and other sanitization items. Shelving will keep your kitchen organized too.

  3. Cooking Equipment-

    Most of the heavy equipment will be placed in the kitchen area where all cooking and baking will take place. This will be the main kitchen area where expert chefs will turn raw vegetables into mouth-watering dishes. This may include microwaves, ovens, gas ranges, fryers, broilers, flat-top griddles, and toasters. You may go for the combination of this kitchen equipment as per your needs. Consider your menu before choosing the cooking equipment. If you have more of baking and frying work, then you should go for ovens and fryers. Deciding your food items will help you in making choices for restaurant kitchen appliances.

  4. Preparation Surface-

    While designing the layout of your kitchen, make separate areas for preparing food, cooking food, dishwashing and cleaning. Everything should be organized in a manner that one process will not disturb the working of another process in the kitchen. A complete kitchen should have preparation surfaces such as preparation tables, knives, chopping machines, cutting boards, mixers, carts, storage containers and so on. Your chefs will get space to do all the preparations and make signature dishes for your restaurant. No one can work in messed up and cluttered area, especially when it is related to serving fresh and delicious food to the guests.

  5. Cleaning and Safety Equipments –Restaurant Cleaning and Safety Equipments

    This includes your cleaning station and dishwashing station. A clean restaurant is a key to a successful business. You need cleaning stations both for your employees and for washing dishes too. Do not mix both of them; make separate cleaning areas for both. Consider separate area for utility sinks for the kitchen and for cleaning. Additionally, you need fire extinguishers also for safety concern. Buy two or more as per your restaurant’s layout. But do not skip installing fire extinguishers in your restaurant.

  6. Tableware and Linens-

    Good looking tableware items and linens are often skipped by most of the restaurant owners. Do not forget to add these in your checklist. These small additions will help you in grabbing customer’s attention while leaving a long-lasting impression on them. Purchase tableware from wholesale tableware suppliers as they will provide you with the best products at the best prices. Consider buying glasses, dishes, silverware, salt and pepper for each table, seasoning containers for each table and linens for the tables. Make sure that you have all the restaurant kitchenware in your restaurant that too with the backup.

  7. Crockery –

    Food presentation may seem a small addition to the restaurant, but at the same time, it’s eye-catching for the guests. If your dishes are simply delightful, but your presentation is not good, then be ready to suffer the loss of customers turning back even without tasting the food. It may be due to dull and boring crockery or may be due to not presenting food in a stylish way. Make sure that you purchase classy crockery for serving food to the guests. Search Restaurant Crockery Suppliers in your area and buy trendy and stylish crockery as per your restaurant’s theme.

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