List of mouth-watering flavors for your favorite Beef Jerky

Summer is over & we have fall season approaching which means it’s the time to get some meat and start enjoying your favorite delicacies. Every year my family welcomes the winter season with our all-time favorite beef jerky that satisfies our hunger pangs and makes us go all merry round. Also, I know this recipe is everyone’s favorite too, which makes me point out some amazing flavors that can make your jerky delicious and mouth-watering. You can try it there at home or buy from the top online stores and enjoy the delight.


Bloody Mary: We all know about this alcoholic drink – Bloody Mary and people enjoy drinking it while it’s chilling outside. If you love this flavor, you can use it in your jerky. You will have the rich taste of this beverage which is tomato-based and the flavor of meat that is used while preparing the snack. You will have a delicious high protein edible on your table. Just try it and see how your simple snack can turn yummy.

Coffee Marinade: Marination is the process in which you keep your edible immersed in some spices, or yogurt or acidic liquid to give it a unique flavor. You can take your jerky and marinate it with a little bit of coffee, liquid smoke, tangy spices, acidic liquid and you will get a delicious taste in the end. All these bunched flavors will melt in your mouth and make you crave this delicacy more and more.

Jalapeno & lime & Honey: All of these three ingredients are widely used while preparing most of the tangy snacks. While making a lime honey beef jerkyyou have to put the slices on a plate, smoke the jalapeno, and put the mixture of lime juice and honey over the jerky and the jalapeno. It will give you a sweet yet citrus flavor with a slight spicy Jalapeno aroma. You can enjoy your favorite drink with the lime honey beef jerky.


Oven-Baked diet Jerky: With the increase in the population of obese people, we should try something different that has low crabs and can help such persons to enjoy this delicacy without worrying about weight gain. The recipe is easy and simple; all you need is liquid smoke, your favorite drink, tangy spices, and meat stripes with little or no fat. You can put all these in a container and marinate it for some time. After that, place the stripes in the oven and cut any extra fat on the stripes. You are ready to enjoy your favorite delight. Restrict the sugar coating if you don’t want the jerky to be extra sweet.

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