List of The Best 5 best atolls in the Maldives

Such an affectionate and soft-sounding name “Maldives” is associated by most with an inaccessible and elitist place.
The favorable position guarantees warm summers all year round. Each of the 200 inhabited islands is a special world, unlike other brothers in the landscape and natural environment. Some of them are covered with jungle, palm groves and some are completely devoid of vegetation, just rocks, and sand, like on Mars.

All of them form a double chain, which includes 5 atolls – ring-shaped landforms formed by extinct corals. For millennia, coral formations have been covered with layers of sand and earth.

The underwater world around the atolls is unusually rich and diverse, making them the world’s diving center. But surfers and windsurfers also have a lot to do here for couples. Here is the list of the best islands in Maldives for couples. Several islands have been chosen by the coolest extreme sportsmen. There is hardly a tourist among avid travelers who would not be attracted to the fantastic atolls of the Maldives!

These are the best atolls in the Maldives

1. South Male (Kaafu)

Most of the coral islands of the atoll are separated from each other by straits. An example of this is the Kaafu Atoll, which consists of 82 islands. Of these, two atolls, South Male and North Male are separated by the Vadu Strait, being different resort areas. South Male – landscapes of outrageous beauty with a brilliant oceanic aquamarine, pure white sand, bathed in a generous sun.

It comprises 30 islands, but only 3 of them are home to the local population. Resort infrastructures with good hotels have been created on 17 islands. They offer a comfortable stay for tourists who fly and sail here from all over the world. Beach lovers experience true pleasure in all delights here.

A true paradise for divers is the marine reserves of Guraidhoo Kandu and Embudu Kandu. Many picturesque cliffs, sheer cliffs, canals, rocks, the world’s richest in ocean fauna, and flora: the image is irresistible. Moray eels, sea lions, gray and white tip sharks, sea eagles – from such a variety, the eyes roll-up. The sunken ship “Kuda Giri Rek” marked the beginning of wreck diving, diving wishing to explore the mysterious ship.

2. Northern Evil

Eight fishing islands and twenty-seven tourism resorts are part of the North Male formation. It is in fact the main tourist center of the Maldives with the capital Male, a tiny town that has largely preserved its original authenticity.
The latter is an attractive factor for tourists tired of urban civilization, so the sandy streets of Male are always filled with vacationers. 2 city districts are the hub of modern shopping and entertainment facilities.

The local airport, located on the small island of Hulule, literally leaves the runway in the ocean – you can’t see such exoticism anywhere. Upon landing here, vacationers receive maps of the resort’s islands and atolls from the travel agency. The islands in the vicinity of Male are of great interest to vacationers.

For example, the island of Villingili has wonderful beaches and crystal clear waters. No less attractive is the islet of Ara with an extraordinary nature, where the presidential villa is located.

As a result, hotel prices are higher here. You also frequent other tourist islands far from the capital. Each of them: Boduhiti, Gasfinolu, Wabbinfaru, Baros, Ihuru, Giravara, Kanifinolu, and 16 other islands – an earthly paradise in the middle of the ocean. The tropical exotic impresses with its fabulous beauty, unique flora, an abundance of fruit and fish.

Almost everywhere there are endless opportunities for diving, snorkeling, surfing, windsurfing, paragliding, hiking, and walking. In addition to water activities, there are many entertainments on land: soccer fields, tennis courts, beach volleyball, etc.

3. Ari (Alifu)

100 km long, 70 islands (28 resorts and 18 with a local population, 24 uninhabited) – this is Ari Atoll, the largest and most popular among tourists. In its southern part is the capital of Mahibadu. Ari is positioned as the most luxurious aristocratic resort with magnificent beaches, luxury hotels, ideal conditions for water sports.

Nalaguraidu Island is particularly famous for this, where there are various sports fields, a golf course, and water sports equipment rentals. Interesting to visit Kuramati Island, where windsurfers tend. Famous explorer-traveler Thor Heyerdahl spent a lot of time here, conducting excavations.

Nika Resort is popular with fans of secluded pastimes against the backdrop of beautiful landscapes. In local hotels, each guest is assigned their own piece of beach, on which they feel like a full-fledged owner.

The Doni Maitli Resort offers its guests a private boat with a driver for their excursions throughout their stay. Excellent diving conditions are created in Rangali-Finolu, Haveli, with a fantastic underwater world, whose unique fauna is amazing. Truly fantastic images open up before the eyes of those who visit Ari for the first time

4. Laviani

If almost all Maldivian islands are a center of exotic beauty, then Lhaviani Atoll is the embodiment of beauty in a cube. Magical nature has chaotically scattered pieces of sushi, generously rewarding them with all kinds of delights.
Around 60 picturesque islets are included in the Lhaviani Atoll, most of them uninhabited, which contributes to the conservation of the surrounding marine fauna. It is presented here in great variety. Incredible specimens of tropical fish: glassfish, sea angels, moray eels, sharks of various species literally swarm near the reefs.

Divers dive here not only for the sake of the underwater fauna, but also because of two sunken ships already covered in coral. The tiny islands are mainly concentrated around the coral reef at a distance of 30km (from Selikhfushi Island in the east to Aligau Island in the south).

They are so small that only 3 hotels have been able to accommodate in these places. Tourists like the island of Kuredu, where 9 golf courses are open, where you can learn the game of the aristocrats.

A sandbar juts out over the local reef. On it, residentsand local guests play a kind of soccer ball, guiding the pieces of plankton that glisten in the sunset barefoot. The numerous shallow coral reefs allow for long-term snorkeling. Tourists buy souvenirs in Laviani skilfully made of pearls and corals.

5. Dhaalu

46 islands, most of which are uninhabited, are part of the Dhaalu Atoll, located 5 km from Faafu. The islands accessible to tourists, captivating with stunning beaches and a rich underwater world, are located in the northern part of Dhaalu.

The central island of Kudahuwadu with a population of 1.5 thousand people has a developed infrastructure and is in demand by tourists who like diving, fishing, and just romantics.

The virgin nature of the islands conquers everyone with its tropical beauty and the comfortable hotels make your stay magical. The second island of Velavaru (turtle island) with a tourist center attracts vacationers with ample opportunities for water sports.

There is plenty of space for divers: a coral reef surrounding the island, is an ideal place for diving. In addition to windsurfing, fishing, sailing, catamarans, and scooters, on the shore, you can play volleyball, badminton

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