Masalas: Incredible Flavors to Spice Up Your Tastebuds!

Spices are the soul of Indian food. No dish is complete without the mixture of a fine blend of spices, known as Masala. Masalas give our food a tangy and spicy touch. The aromatic masala adds a traditional touch to the food. It is believed that the masalas were an important element in the kitchens of the Mughal era. At that time, masalas were blended by hand in mortar with a pestle. Even today, many people like the hand blended masalas because of their aroma as well as taste.

  • Tasty– Masalas are flavoured blends with a unique taste. Masalas enhance the taste and flavor of the food. They are used as seasoning over many food items like salad, chat, gravy etc.

  • Healthy– Masalas also offer various health benefits. The ingredients of masala are the spices that are regularly used in our kitchen like cumin seeds, Coriander leaves, bay leaves, cloves, asafetida, black pepper etc. These are good for health as cumin seeds are rich in magnesium, vitamin A, cloves and pepper reduce inflammation, asafoetida reduces stomach problems, acid reflux, gastric trouble etc. In this way, masalas promote health and are well known to improve digestion.

  • Instant– With the help of masala, you can make instant dishes or refreshing drinks in summer using jaljeera masala, Dahi masala etc. The exotic spices when blended together in an appropriate proportion give a mind-blowing taste. In this fast-paced life, masalas help us in making mouth-watering dishes without spending much time in the kitchen.

  • Street food– Indian Street food is world famous. Not only Indians, but foreigners also come here to taste the famous Street food. The gist of Indian Street food is Masala. Whether it is pakora, pav bhaji, chat, or bhelpuri, masalas perform their duty well. The dishes are made using masalas and masalas are also sprinkled over them to add to the taste and aroma.Masalas are the easiest tastemakers. It saves our time, energy and efforts. But it is important to choose wisely the real indian masalas out there and maintain the authenticity of taste.

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