Men’s Health Top 5 Issues to Know about

Gentlemen! It is very well known that how keen you are for car and gadgets. You care for them more than your health. Well, you are in a habit of going passionate for the things you love instead of what you should do for yourselves, especially for health. Why?

No doubt, you go to the gym and also has a healthy diet to stay fit, but when it comes to knowing about any disease, that you can face, you act like a cool guy thinking you are already living a healthy lifestyle. Really?

Be aware! Know about the men’s health issues that can be troubling for you. Knowing about them can significantly help you in reducing serious health problems on time through the proper medication.

Here are top five issues that you must know about:

  • Heart Problems

    Heart Problems

Heart diseases come in various forms, all of which can lead to serious and fatal complications if left uncharted. According to research, more than one in three adult men is having some form of cardiovascular disease. Black men account for 100,000 more cardiovascular disease transience cases than white men.

From an estimated 2.8 million males, adult men have suffered strokes and younger males undergo high blood pressure. However, routine checkups can help in maintaining heart beat rates.

  • Alcohol: Ally or Foe?

Men overindulge drink and are prone to increased aggression and sexual assaults against women. Alcohol consumption increases the risk of cancer of the throat, liver, esophagus, mouth, and colon. Alcohol impedes with testicular function and hormone production, resulting in infertility and impotence.A study by the National Bureau of Economic Research says that a drinker can be in trouble if not, seek for health on time and more likely, he can commit suicide.

  • Liver Disease

The functions of the liver include digesting food, absorbing nutrients, and ridding the body of toxic substances. Liver diseases like cirrhosis, autoimmune, bile duct, liver cancer, viral hepatitis and even alcoholic liver disease are generally increased by consumption of alcohol and tobacco in large.

  • Diabetes

    man diabetes

Men with diabetes face a higher risk for lower testosterone levels and sexual impotence that can lead to anxiety or depression. Not only this, if not treated on time, diabetes can lead to nerve and kidney damage, heart disease, and even vision problems. You can opt for healthy eating and daily exercises.

  • HIV and AIDS

Some men infected with HIV don’t realize in the beginning that the initial symptom of HIV can be cold or flu. Though, it has a treatment, but can’t be neglected at any cost.

Avoiding these men’s health problems can be deadly. Even, gym and diet won’t work at such time. So, be the caretaker of your own health.

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