Minority Teen Issues: 3 Top Ways to Have a Better Body Image

Welcome teens! Hope you are doing well. Today we are here just for you to talk about a major teen health issue, that most of you might be facing right now. ‘Body Shaming’ is what most of the teens are going through these days. And being a minority teen, we understand it is even tougher to deal with such issues. The life of a teenager is pretty tough, especially when you belong to a minority group. You might have to face major problems like discrimination, which can lower your self-esteem and confidence for a lifetime.

We even realize that being a minority teen, you need to face those extra burdens, but trust us, worrying is not going to help you anyway. So, just let go that issues which you are facing being a minority teen and focus on living a happy and content life.

Body image is how you feel about your own body. When you start asking yourself too many questions like do I have a fat belly or heavy thighs? Do I look unattractive when I wear short dresses? Does he/she looks better than me? Basically, when you start feeling negative about your body and wish to change something in it, then you must know that you are under the impact of negative body image.

You might even get into really pathetic habits, which might even trouble you for the rest of your life. Most of the teens start crash dieting to stay slim, which may lead to many eating disorders. Others who are quite lean uses steroids to build muscles, especially teen boys. So, in the end, each of these methods chosen to enhance your looks might drag you to some other world, which usually feels like Hell!

So, if you too are a minority teen and are facing this issue, then you must read these top 3 ways to achieve a better body image and feel confident about yourself. And that too, without letting anyone else know about it. Have a look:

  1. Love yourself: How about starting to love your own self? Isn’t it great! No doubt, it might be easy for you to unravel your securities, but trust us, it is even simpler to love yourself. Just say ‘I love myself’ whenever you see yourself in a mirror. It is the best way to improve your confidence.

    Love yourself

  1. Stop comparing yourself with others: Always remember that you are one of a kind. You were born different, so why compare yourself with others. No one is perfect! Everyone has one or the other fault, but it’s all about how you overcome those flaws to become Flawless. So, just be yourself, nothing is better than that.

  1. Stay positive in life: Even if you feel low sometimes, do not stop sticking to the positive side of your life. Just sit down and remember your achievements. It is one of the fastest and interesting way to boost your confidence and divert your mind from the negative things. After all, there is no point in thinking bad and feeling sad about yourself.

So, it really doesn’t matter whether you are a minority or not, you are an individual like any other teenager. Just feel confident in whatever you do and you are ready to be your own hero.

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