Secure Better Search Engine Rankings with Local SEO

Undoubtedly, there are many online marketing strategies that play a pivotal role in search engine rankings. One of the most important strategies followed nowadays is local search engine optimization.

Many companies dealing in business development services, especially the ones that concentrate on the local geographical area are making the most use of this strategy. This is because they target the local audience, instead of a global audience.

Though the working strategy of this SEO technique is just the same as regular SEO, but there is a thin line of difference between the two which makes them different.

The fact that makes it essential for businesses to take troubles for optimizing their website according to local search engine optimization is that most of the desktop queries and mobile searches are local intent.

Making a site optimized for local search is not that difficult as it may seem to be. This is because making a site that is locally optimized is far less troublesome than regular SEO because of the less competition.

Moreover, its impact on businesses has proven to be more useful, which is why more and more companies are inclining towards local SEO.

Here are a few easy steps used for optimizing a site for local searches –

1. The very first step that needs to be adhered to is to include the name of the town or city on your website. But before adding the city name it is important to make sure that your business is providing the services in that area.
Following are the website areas where city name needs to be added –

– On website URL
– Page title
– Meta title and description
– h1 and h2 HTML heading tags
– Insertion of city name in the content placed on the site

2. A site should have a footer on every page, which should contain the business address, postal code, and phone number. It is important to make sure that same address is listed on the social networks or local directories.

3. Creating a link with Google Local listing also helps increase local searches.

4. Optimizing landing pages with business location helps improve local searches. A word of caution – it needs to be done carefully as Google does not favor sites that are over-optimized.

5. HTTPS is most important to secure any website from different network attacks like Eavesdropping and MITM (Man-in-the-Middle). An SSL Certificate enables HTTPS on your website and secures all the information transfer between user browser and server. HTTPS is also a ranking parameter in Google Search engine algorithm. Therefore it helps to gain the better position in Google search result. There are many SSL Certificate reseller offers cheapest price SSL certificate of trusted Certificate Authority like Comodo, RapidSSL, GeoTrust & Thawte.

6. Businesses providing services at multiple locations need to create different landing pages that target different location. This will improve your traffic in the particular area.

Besides this, there are a few other online resources that can help improve the local SEO of companies providing business development services. Let us read a few of those online resources which businesses can use to increase their traffic and visibility among audience –

Google Places – It is the most important resource through which one can improve their local searches. Even without having a website, businesses can still appear in local search results and for this, the credit goes to Google Places. Adding business listing on Google Places helps businesses make themselves visible for the audience on Google Maps and mobile devices.

Bing Places – This is same as Google places. Businesses can improve their search results by adding their business name in the Bing maps.

Yelp – It is a platform where local business listings are available. Since the use of iPhone has increased tremendously, businesses using Yelp for improving their traffic or visibility have benefitted a lot.

Foursquare – It is the most interactive social media website. Users linked with this platform can easily find local businesses by making relevant searches. Businesses need to just create a profile and get started with local SEO.

Hence, with these local online resources, businesses can effectively improve their Local SEO. The location-relevant key phrases and regional names stuffed in the content, landing page and business listing allows businesses to get more local traffic towards their shop.

The bottom line is that instead of using generic keywords, local phrases should be targeted as search engine algorithm lay emphasizes on it.

A word of caution – Local SEO should be done carefully on business listing platforms as once done it is not easy to change later on.

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