Seven Facts About Desert Safari That Will Make You Think Twice

Dubai is not just about high rise buildings, glamorous nightlife and luxurious lifestyle, but it has a lot more to offer like an energizing desert safari adventure which is a mesmerizing experience for the travelers. Therefore, for all the tourists who love thrill and adventure, a Dubai desert safari tour can be one of the best experiences they can have in Dubai. There are several things in a desert safari tour that makes it a must-have experience. Mainly it includes an exciting desert dune drive, BBQ buffet dinner, camel ride, and live entertainment performances. Enjoying desert sports is an ecstatic and charming experience. There are distinctive desert safari features that will truly leave you overjoyed and excited.

Here we have shared 7 surprising facts about a desert safari that will make you fall in love with this adventure:

1. One-of-a-Kind Dune Bashing Experience

Desert Safari

Dune bashing in Desert Safari is the most stunning and exciting thing one can experience. While sitting in a 4×4 Land Cruiser, one can take a thrilling ride around the Arabian Desert to get a mesmerizing perspective. Ride up and down in speed on the red ridges and find great joy just like a roller coaster ride. A very important thing you need to know is that the desert safari drivers are specially trained and licensed for dune bashing, and all the vehicles used for this adventure have roller cages installed to ensure your complete safety. Therefore, your desert safari tour will begin with the thrilling dune drive and proceeds to the Bedouin-style camp where you can smoke hubbly bubbly pipe, relish the BBQ buffet dinner and enjoy the entertaining performances. Dune bashing is a unique experience that shouldn’t be missed in Dubai desert safari.

2. Overnight Desert Stay

Overnight Desert Stay in dubai

What about spending a night in the Dubai desert and making the most of your experience? Yes, you heard it right. The beauty of the Arabian Desert reaches its peak in the night when the sky is filled with enchanting stars and the whole atmosphere looks magical. If you pick an overnight desert safari tour, you can appreciate all the desert sports along with entertainment shows and buffet dinner and sleep in comfortable sleeping bags in the tents. Next day you will be served with a refreshing breakfast at the campsite. This whole experience will exhibit the genuine feature of the safari trip. Further, you will encounter the extravagance friendliness and true hospitality by Arab people. The cool breeze, calm environment and serenity will give you a nostalgic experience.

3. 6 Hours of Non-Stop Entertainment and Fun

Fun in Desert Safaris in Dubai

The desert safari tour is probably one of the longest tours in Dubai. Consisting of a total of 6-hours, you will experience different activities including pick-up and drop-off service by bus or 4×4 (depending on your package), dune bashing, sandboarding, camel riding, quad biking, hubbly bubbly, refreshments, dinner, soft drinks, entertainment, and an opportunity capture sunset. However, you will find different packages and charges may vary upon your selection of the tour. You will get all such information from your tour operator.

4. Slam the Desert with Sandboarding

Fun in dubai desert safari

Sandboarding is something which you can’t experience in any other place in the world. Dubai’s desert allows you to have a unique experience with sandboarding that gives a great adrenaline rush. This is one of those desert activities which tourists cherish the most. You do not need any special instructions to enjoy sandboarding in the desert. This activity allows you to test your skills to maintain a balance in the desert. In case you know how to handle a skateboard, you won’t find it difficult to try.

5. Unique Camel Riding Experience


Unique Camel Riding Experience

A camel is most likely a symbol of the desert. Often called as the ship of the desert – camels are normally equipped for plenty of water for extensive stretches and henceforth can endure effectively in the desert. As a major aspect of the Desert Safari, you will most likely mount a camel and appreciate the unstable ride and experience the sentiment of living in the desert. A photographic moment, remember to get a lot of pictures clicked!

6. Bedouin Style Camp

Bedouin Style Camp

If you find yourself interested to know about the lifestyle of old Arabs, Dubai desert safari is your great chance to learn about the civilization of the Arabs and how life was in this region before the technology boom. Once you enter into the desert camp, you will be received with a warm welcome and also you will be offered hot beverages like Arabic coffee, tea and a conventional serving of dates. The camp will feel like a wild differentiation to the adventure for what it’s worth as stunning as a fountain in the desert. With tents manufactured clustered together and an enormous seating arrangement, the camp will feel like a mini paradise in the desert. While you are here, you can likewise get a henna tattoo by an amazingly talented henna artist. Henna has great importance in Arab culture as it represents happiness and health.

7. Live Entertainment Shows

Live Entertainment Shows dubai desert safari

Once you have enjoyed the desert activities, get ready to be amazed by the enchanting performances of talented belly dancers and tanoura performer. Long ago, belly dancing has been banned in Dubai as it doesn’t represent their true culture. However, you can still watch the stunning hip twirls and crafty handling of swords while belly dancers perform in front of you. If you like shisha, smoking it in the camp while watching spectacular performances will be a novel experience. Further, you can enjoy scrumptious BBQ Buffet dinner served with veg and non-veg cuisines and watch a delightful Tanoura performance by a male artist.

The Dubai desert safari tour is intended to give genuine adrenaline rush with a unique experience. You will be enraptured by the beauty of the desert and feel serenity in its environment. Do check out the desert safari offers and their inclusions before booking and know that you can always customize your tour according to your requirements. Desert safari is a must-have experience in Dubai that will become an unforgettable memory.

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