Are Shape Belts and Shape Wear Meant for All Body Types?

With the rise of shape belts and shape wear in the present decade, the way women look has revolutionized a great deal. The thing about fashion is that it doesn’t take long to become a fad. And so, you may end up wearing some things just because everyone’s wearing it. The same happened to shape and compression wear. Not that it’s not meant for everyone; it’s just that not the same kind is meant for everyone. There are a plenty of variants available on the market, and you must select the one that your body needs; not the one that your best friend just bought.

So, here are 4 basic body types, and what exact kind of shape wear you must wear for it.

1.Thermogenic Pant for Pear-shaped Body


Pear shaped Body


If you have this shape, the lower part of your body is broader and heavier than the upper. So, your shoulders as waist are narrower than your hips. You have a well-rounded bum and ample thighs. It’s great if you have an ample bosom too, but if you don’t you might want to tone your lower body down a bit. Here is where a pair of thermogenic pant can help you. While it will keep your bum and thighs in shape, it will also help you burn some fat in these areas.

2.Arm and Back Slimming Jacket for Inverted Triangle-shaped Body


Triangle shaped BodyInverted triangle or wedge-shaped body means that you have broad shoulders but a narrow waist and even narrower hips. The aim is to make your upper body look the size of your lower body. Try on an arm and back slimming jacket, and you’ll look like a million dollars.

3.Waist Belt for Rectangle-shaped Body

Rectangle shaped Body


If you have a rectangular body, you have everything in symmetry. Your shoulders, your waist, your hips and your thighs, all are the same breadth. While that is an unflattering shape to have, you can make it flattering with a shape belt. A well-fitting belt for your waist will make you look more shapely. Your bosom as well as your hips will look accentuated. Apart from that, if you wear it while you work out, you can actually shape up your waist with due time.

4. Thermogenic Jacket for Apple-shaped Body

Apple-shaped Body


When your shoulders, as well as your waist, are broader than your hips, you have an apple-shaped body. If you are looking for shape wear to create some great optical illusion, thermogenic jacket is what you need. These jackets will embrace and compress the entire upper body including your arms, shoulders, and waist to get in line with your hips.

When you are choosing shape wear for yourself, considering your body shape is important. Another important thing to consider is to go for thermogenic fabric. It not only compresses the problem areas in the most comfortable and supportive way, but also traps the body heat and burns the fat cells over time. So, go on and look beyond shape belts.

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