6 Important Traits of Rattan Outdoor Furniture

Starting a hotel business is a very costly affair and buying hotel outdoor furniture is not cheap by any stretch of imagination. Since the hotel business completely depends on the customers’ turnout for its success, it is important to make customers and clients feel comfortable and relaxed beside offering great food and outstanding customer service. Buying hotel furniture for outdoors is a significant investment and it should be done after carefully weighing all options available. Outdoor furniture is as important as indoor furniture and it should not be treated as a secondary furniture, which is a mistake made by some hotel business owners.

There are different materials available for outdoor furnitures, like leather, wood, iron, rattan, etc. All these materials are used to manufacture indoor and outdoor furniture. The best choice for hotels and restaurants is the material that is durable, comfortable and offers a peace of mind for their business. Rattan, a palm plant mostly present in South-East Asia, is considered as one of the best options available for outdoor use. It is known as one of the strongest woods and used widely by a large number of hotels and restaurants for making outdoor furniture. Read on to know why is Rattan considered as one of the best materials for outdoor use.

1. Rattan looks stylish and natural

Decor is a factor that is usually taken into consideration in hospitality businesses because looks does matter a great deal in modern environment. Rattan furniture lends a stylish touch due to its woven texture and exotic appearance. Since rattan is extracted from palm plants, it adds a natural feeling to outdoor environment.

2. Rattan is very comfortable

Hospitality businesses want to see their customers and clients happy and comfortable. That is possible only if an excellent customer service is coupled with comfortable outdoor furniture. Rattan furniture is fabricated with tight cushioned weaves that improves the experience of visitors. This specific trait makes it more comfortable than any other type of furniture.

3. Rattan is light, but strong

It is a misconception of many people that heavy furniture is sturdier while lighter weight furniture is brittle. This is not true because Rattan is a very light material which results in reduced weight of furniture, but it is as stronger as any other material could be. This type of furniture material maintains the strength that is required of hotel outdoor furniture to resist all kinds of weather conditions. Rattan helps to preserve the original quality and finish of the products when exposed to harsh environmental elements.

4. It can take several shapes

Rattan Outdoor Furniture

Although Rattan is a strong material, it can be moulded into any shape easily. Outdoor furniture manufacturers exploit it to create different models for different purposes. Did you know that rattan outdoor furniture collection can include dining set, living set, daybed, hanging chair and lounger?

5. Rattan can be used anywhere

Rattan furniture is the most versatile furniture available on furniture markets today. This type of furniture can suit outdoor spaces of all types and styles. No matter where you place it, this type of furniture can enhance the look of the area.

6. Rattan furniture is low maintenance furniture

Rattan furniture requires very less maintenance as it is very easy to clean. All you need to clean your rattan furniture is spray it regularly with water hose after taking off all cushion suffices. This will ensure high quality of rattan furniture for a long time to come.

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