Summer hair care new tips – How to protect hair during this summer

Throughout the year many women tend to take care of their hair using all kinds of natural protective products and following, in turn, some advice and habits that benefit them significantly also to take care of their wavy hair extensions.

But if there are two seasons in the year that most often adversely affect the health of the hair, it is mainly the fall and summer. In the case of summer, there are several of its most prominent “enemies”: the sun, very high temperatures, chlorine (this if you bathe in a swimming pool) or salt water from the sea, and sand (this if you spend your holidays on a beach).

Because of this, a recommended option is to always keep in mind some tips on how to protect your hair in summer, it would do well to take into account the following tips, as these will benefit you completely and avoid the following evils that many women have had to face at the end of the summer, a very dry, damaged, and dull hair and above all else split ends!

After all, if you’d rather be concerned about toning and beautifying your body, wouldn’t you do the same for your hair? The advice will do you a lot of good and even save you a lot of money and effort. Apart from the fact that some summer hair care techniques can be easily performed by yourself without help. Don’t wait any longer and get to work! That by the end of the summer you will be the envy and gossip object of the world.

  • Try to cover yourself with a hat.Summer Hair Care New Tips

To protect your hair from the harsh sun you should consider a unique option, covering your hair with a hat. If you don’t find the idea entirely appealing or don’t find it fashionable enough, consider this: a handkerchief. That’s it! Try it out! Do you see how cute you look? You’ll be protecting your hair and looking beautiful in the process.

  • Hydrate your hair

The external aggressions to which your hair can be subjected can be easily avoided almost completely if you moisturize your hair frequently. This way your hair will resist all external aggressions with total firmness. Many of these aggressions are frequent during the summer, more than in any other season of the year! Experts recommend that you apply a protective mask to your hair, this mask will nourish your hair and repair keratin.

It is imperative that you should start using a 100% natural shampoo with mild ingredients.

A wise recommendation that you would do well to apply is the following: use the mild shampoo daily, if it is a treatment shampoo once or twice a week will do the job, and as for the hair mask a couple of times a week will work wonders for your hair.

  • Start using sunscreen

If you are one of the girls who love to spend weekends at the beach, be careful, that like your body, the hot sun is the biggest enemy of your hair. You can beat the harsh sun if you decide to apply sunscreen to your hair, sunscreens are made with ingredients that provide a high power of hydration and penetration for your hair. Sunscreens, whether they are sprayed or oiled, are perfect for you to use to protect and take good care of your hair.

  • Try to dry it and don’t pull on it either

Never let your hair stay wet for too long, it can be counterproductive, and it also weakens your hair. Don’t even think about pulling your hair, it could open your ends.

  • Try to take a shower before going into the pool or the sea.

Summer Hair Care New Tips

Whether you listened to your mom or dad when they told you as a child that you should take a shower before diving into the pool or you went swimming in the waves or not, the reality is that keeping your hair wet before diving into a pool or swimming in the waves of the sea is extremely beneficial, why? Since the hair is porous, and always absorbs water, the hair would be protected because as it is wet from you having showered the damage of saltwater or chlorine on your hair will be much less.

  • Avoid high temperatures entirely

Don’t subject your hair to extreme heat or high temperatures with hair dryers or straighteners, your hair suffers even if it doesn’t look like it when you use a hair dryer or straightener.
Free yourself and let yourself be carried away by the wind

Since in summer the heat is constant, when you can, try to let your hair dry naturally when the wind blows. (especially if your hair is wet) So your hair won’t be punished with straighteners and dryers.

  • Eat well and eat healthily

Do you want your hair to look shiny, feel soft, and have lots of light? You should try to eat foods that contain nutritious assets rich in essential fatty acids, such as vitamins and minerals. If you follow a proper diet in a short time your hair will have a natural, healthy and elastic appearance that will resist any attack that summer may offer.

  • Try to drink plenty of water

This is certainly a no-brainer, this will not only give you excellent health, but your hair will also have all the strength it needs to withstand the heat of the summer sun.

  • Try to avoid the sunlight

It has been mentioned before how important and even useful it is to use a scarf or hat for your hair to cover yourself from the sun, now you should also think about avoiding the sun, how would you do it? Simply do not expose yourself to the sun’s rays for the first twelve to 16 hours of the day.

  • Try to apply Surf Waves

Apply some surf waves to your hair, you will look spectacular, and above all, beautiful, it will make you look young and above all chic and modern. They feel great in the summertime.

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