The Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Online

Buying online on the Internet has become a commonplace gesture for most of you. But do you pay attention to the essential points in order to avoid disappointment or even a scam?

In online shopping, the product you are looking for is probably available on several websites. Compare the prices offered by each other, but do not rush headlong on the lowest price and do not immediately crack seeing the display “more than 3 items available”. There are other elements that will ultimately make you choose a price that may be a little higher: delivery times, seller reliability, etc.

If your purchase is not urgent, it may be a good idea to wait for an opportunity to pay a little less. There are of course sales periods but not only. All brands regularly carry out special operations, exceptional offers … And to keep you informed of these promotions, nothing better than subscribing to their newsletter.

Blogs, forums, social networks, sellers’ sites … there are many platforms where you can find reviews on a product and/or a seller. Consulting more than one can help you make a more informed choice. That said, don’t take all of these opinions for cash. We know that some of these notes – both positive and negative – can, unfortunately, be fake. The only solution to “avoid” disappointments, cross sources.

For your part, play the game: if you are satisfied (or not) with a product and/or a seller, share your opinion online, other Internet users will appreciate this gesture.

Have you set your sights on a gift offered by a site at 580$ instead of 860$ on a gift selling website? Very well. But watch out for “hidden” fees. Apart from the shipping costs, the seller may, in fact, invoice you for administration fees, you may also have to pay your bank fees for payment by bank card abroad (generally around 2% of the amount of without forgetting that you will probably have to add customs fees and VAT if this is not included in the price displayed.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Online shopping

The first thing to check when placing an order online is that the seller really exists. Try to find on the site the contact details of the company, the legal notices, etc … if you do not find any of these notices, do not buy from them.

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