The Secret Guide To Challenges During Pregnancy | Common pregnancy problems

Being pregnant is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. As some who is bringing a new life into the world, there is no better feeling.

However, being a Pregnant Momma is a challenging task. Especially when the reality hits you with all the challenges that come along with being pregnant come at once.

Being fatigued and growing out of your old clothes will be the least of your problems during pregnancy.

If you are lucky, you will have a strong bond with your child. Hopefully, there will be a time when you will need the mother and son tattoos suggestions and get one for yourself. Till then, suggest these to the other parents.

Here are some of the unfortunately common problems that all pregnant women face.

Cramps: As a pregnant momma, you will have the “normal” stomach cramps, but during the second half of the pregnancy, you are likely to receive leg and foot cramps as well. These usually happen at night.

Solution: You can tackle these cramps with some stretching to soothe the pain and applying a heat pack or a hot water bottle on the affected area.

Urinary visits increase: You will experience a change in the frequency of urinary breaks that you will have to take in a day.

Solution: It is entirely reasonable, but if you feel itchy or any other discomfort during these breaks, consults with a doctor right away.

Also, please do not limit your fluid intake because of urine frequency. You and your baby need it.

Heartburn and indigestion: Heartburn and indigestion are two nuisances that a pregnant momma has to conquer during pregnancy.

Solution: You should take small meals. Avoid lying down right after a meal. Drinking milk or eating yogurt can help relieve it.

Challenges During Pregnancy 2


Varicose veins: These are bluish veins on your legs that look swollen and knotty. They do stay for sometime even after the pregnancy.

Solution: You should not stand for long periods or cross your legs. Some exercise every day, and wearing stockings or pantyhose can help the situation as well.

Vaginal thrust: You will experience an increase in vaginal flow during pregnancy. However, if it becomes thick, itchy, and uncomfortable or has a bad smell, visit your doctor.

Solution: Wearing cotton underwear can help with discomfort.

Each body is different, so do get proper guidance when there is a need for it.


People with migraines, blood sugar, or other genetic diseases can see a drastic increase in their symptoms.

The medicines allowed during the pregnancy period are limited because they might harm the baby. Take proper consultation from your doctor during this period.

Cherish the moments you enjoy during this period and brave the ones that are difficult. A miracle so grand is worth everything.

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