Three Common Eye Problems in Children and How to Prevent Them

Children’s vision develops as they grow. However, they might become vulnerable to various eye problems with age. Thus, it is essential to consult ENT specialists in Mumbai and other developed cities before your kid’s daily activities like studying, playing, or more get affected.

Read on to know about the three common eye issues in young children that you should be cognizant of and what are the best recommendations for them-

1. Lazy Eye or Amblyopia

It is the condition in which the brain fails to attain the eye’s inputs, which obstructs vision and weakens the eye pupil. The symptoms of this problem are eye wandering, poor depth perception, head tilting, and more. It is essential to consult an eye specialist at the earliest.

2. Chalazion

This problem includes a swelling on the lower or upper eyelid caused by swelling or blockage of an oil gland. It can even get more extensive and affect the kid’s vision if it covered the eye’s pupil. A large and infected chalazion is dangerous, while smaller ones get diminished with time.

3. Epiphora

This condition is found commonly in many kids. A child gets constantly watery eyes or extreme tearing. It is developed due to blockage of the infection, tear ducts, or allergies. It enhances after a few months. However, there is a chance it can come again. But then, it is improved with minor surgery, massage, or eye drops.

Apart from these three major problems, pink eye or conjunctivitis is usually the most discussed disease. Nevertheless, professional care is a must for a champ’s eye. If eye problems are not treated on time, it could lead to severe problems in the future, including blindness. Thus, ENT doctors in Mumbai have expertise in providing your child the long-lasting care for having a healthy lifestyle. Be wise to give excellent treatment to your kid’s vision!

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