Tippling Isn’t Always Bad – 5 Drinks That Aid Skincare

Alcohol might be one of the most parlous substances known to man. You exactly know what to expect of it and there are no surprises. It can easily be a lifelong addiction, resulting in a life full of misery. But actually, you can make alcohol work in your favor. The trick is to have it in small quantities.

According to a finding based on the research of scientists at the University of London, it was discovered that “if everyone abstained from alcohol, death rates would be significantly higher”. In the words of the lead author, “alcohol saves more lives than it costs.”

A study under Bristol University concluded that people tend to find a person down a few shots comparatively more attractive than a sober one. (The reasons may be the red cheeks, dilated pupils, and relaxed demeanor 🙂 Beer Goggles have been an old persistent adage and it has also been proved recently.

In fact alcohol, when taken in moderate amounts has several health benefits. Besides benefitting in heart diseases and stroke, it aids skin care too.

Let’s find out some drinks that keep your skin fresh and flawless.

1. Whiskey –


A favorite among all guzzlers who are up for something solid, whiskey is a category of alcoholic beverage that is procured after a series of distillation processes. Whiskey is known for its anti-inflammation properties. It helps in removing excess oil and blemishes from the skin. Mix aloe vera gel, rosewater and a teaspoon of whiskey along with lavender oil and use it as a skin toner.

Lemon oil, marshmallow tea, and tamanu oil when mixed with whiskey, help you get rid of scars on your skin. No wonder why whiskey is an alternative to tea for most these days. Such is the healthful impact.

2. Vodka –

Do you ever wonder how those Russian women manage to look so ravishingly under-age with almost zero skin troubles? It is because most of them include vodka in their skincare routine. Besides unclogging pores, vodka is a good skin tightening and brightening agent.


When mixed with jojoba oil, rosemary oil, and distilled water, vodka acts an effective skin toner. It relieves itchiness and subsiding red skin bumps as well. Try it on a patch of skin before applying it on the face. For a clearer complexion, dip a cotton in a mixture of vodka and green tea and apply on face.

A solution of vodka with crushed rosemary made to stand for 2 days before straining and storing will help you get rid of dandruff for a long time.

3. Wine –

Wine is one of the favorite tipples around the world. In 2016, it recorded a global consumption of 242 million hectoliters which is considered by any means. Made from fermented grapes without adding any sugars, enzymes, acids or water, the yeast transforms the sugar present in grapes to ethanol and carbon dioxide, which differ with a difference in the variety of grapes.

types of Wine

Red wine is loaded with resveratrol, the polyphenols that work as antioxidants, shielding human bodies against diseases like cancer and other disorders. Antioxidant-rich foods should always be preferred over other items.

Besides boosting brain health, lowering cholesterol and reducing stress levels, red wine acts as an anti-ageing agent. It combats skin acne by combining with benzoyl peroxide. It can also treat sunburn with a mild regular application daily.Wine is long known for its anti pigmentation properties too. Use red wine, mixed with aloe vera gel and honey for that day long radiance.

4. Tequila –

Tequila that can only be curated from the blue agave, is almost exclusively produced in the Mexican state of Jalisco. Most of you relate tequila with extended hangovers but did you know this bad boy is a great skin cleanser too? With a lime twist, equila is an amazing drink for curing acne and skin blemishes.

tequila shots brands

Sugar, sea salt, almond oil, coconut oil, white tequila and rose essential oil, when mixed together, act as a scrub, which revitalizes skin and brings that shine and glitter to your skin.

Besides being gluten-free and a low-calorie alcohol, tequila also helps in digestion. It is also known for cutting down excess fat, making it a healthier form of alcohol.

5. Rum –

Rum we know is a distilled alcoholic beverage that is obtained as a by-product of sugarcane, that is molasses or honey. It is aged and stored in oak barrels for best results. While Caribbean and Latin America leads worldwide in the production of rum, a lot of other countries also produce rum. Rum in small quantities is known to reduce anxiety and induce sleep. It also helps to fight cold and flu.


By reducing inflammation, it removes blemishes from the skins. And this is perhaps why most women around the world, use it in their daily skincare. A word of caution here is to know your skin type before you try rum. Any unknown allergy can come to the fore otherwise.

For best results, mix a cup of rum with milk cream and use the lotion on dry and acne prone skin areas. Rum when mixed with honey, olive oil and an essential oil can be wonderful face mask helping to keep your skin soft and hydrated.

Apart from the ones stated above, cognac and gin masks are also popular.

Just remember to have some caution with alcohol masks. You can check for skin allergy by first applying it on your wrist or forearm. If there’s no itching or burning sensation, then you are good to go.

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