Tips for Boho Fashion You Can Use Today

Thanks to big fashion designer brands such as Saint Laurent and Chloé, bohemian, popularly known as “boho” on today’s trend, become a revived style from decades ago.

The boho chic look is not a new concept when it comes to fashion styling since it has been seen in the past. Born in the 1950s, the birth of this look started its influence in London. It was in the year 2004 when Sienna Miller wore a bohemian-inspired style, reintroducing the trend in the 2000s.

Women opt for boho chic dresses because they are bored of their daily styling and incorporating the theme into your wardrobe sounds exciting. Boho lets you wear unique clothing while you walk on the street, and at the same time, you will have an outfit that is not dull, gloomy and unimpressive. The style is easy to get used to, working in simple concepts of being natural and showing individuality.

An all-time favorite style, boho chic can be hard to pull off. Because of this, we will be providing a list on how to expand and achieving boho style in a few easy tips. The list below will be providing the essentials to pull off the style while maximizing the pieces you already have in your wardrobe. The key is versatility.

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  • The Boho Outfit Colors

When choosing the colors, the common preference is those of earthy tones such as brown, khaki and cream. However, in the modern time, rules have been broken time and time again. One can simply wear bright colors like fluorescents, magenta and even yellow. The trick is to feel good and comfortable.

  • Boho Accessories to Be Worna-

Accessories are considered one of the main focuses on a bohemian outfit. Choose dangling earrings, statement necklaces that can create a nice layering piece and wood and metal bangles. These are some of the prime examples of a must-have boho jewelry to achieve the perfect look.

Trade your gold hoops to an acrylic style hoop earring and choose wood bangles to complement your outfit.

  • Feminine and Fluid Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses became such huge items thanks to one stylist who reintroduced it to us. Not sure what to pick? Look for nature-inspired prints or with geometric prints for extra bonus boho points. Also, fluid maxi dresses are perfect not only during summer but throughout the year. When wearing it on the colder months, pair it with a leather or denim jacket.

  • Knitted Cardigan and Sweaters

Nowadays, the boho fashion continues to trend. The style is versatile throughout the season, where it would be hot or cold. Wear a knitted cardigan over your casual top and leggings, then it would look lovely. Finish off the look with leather or suede brown boots.

  • Flowy Tops

Tunic tops are usually the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions the words “boho style”. Flowy or tunic tops, especially in white and earthy tones, paired with denim pants is a perfect example of a casual boho everyday look. Make sure you pic a looser top instead of the fitted one, since the former gives an attractive round look to an outfit. You will get so many variations like embroidered tunic tops at thrift shops or vintage stores.

  • A-Line Skirts

A-line skirts made of chiffon fabric should be your go-to skirt because of its versatility. You can ever wear it with a sweater to complete a boho-inspired casual outfit in the easiest way.

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  • Flared Denim Jeans

These pair of jeans will make your shoes look amazing. Bell bottoms have been a favorite since 2004 and everyone couldn’t help but lust over these butt-perking, leg-leaning pants. Right now, there are high-waisted.

  • Lace Outfits

Whether it is an outerwear such as a cardigan, a blouse or shorts, lace outfits are a turn on not only to men, but for women who are obsessed with the boho trend as well. To achieve a stylish look, grab your long lace cardigan covering half of your body. Under the cardigan, you can use a tank top and shorts then accessorize with a long, dainty necklace.

You can also combine lace and stripes, which at first could look like a difficult combo, but being creative will really help. A light-colored lace top will look great with natural-looking stripe-textured pencil skirt.

  • Furs

When the weather gets cold, just add a fur outerwear to your ensemble.

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  • Floppy Wide Brim Hat

You won’t be buying a straw sun hat since wide brim hats are accessories that you surely have. If not, you can find inexpensive ones in stores like Forever 21 and H&M. For a unique fall or winter outfit, layer your cropped top over an open-button down then complete the look with high-waisted skinny jeans, wedges and your floppy brimmed hat. It will complete your gypsy flair.

  • Hipster Chic Bags

There are so many hipster chic bag variations to choose from – leather or cloth, suede, fringe, an oversized hobo bag, cross-body bag, these are some of the keys to make your outfit look put together. If you don’t any of these, then a good old canvas bag that can be worn crossbody is the best accessory to wear for boho ladies.

  • Threads and Strings to An Outfit

Metal jewelry, wide belts, antique-looking belts, metal bracelets, dainty rings are some of the essential in boho fashion. To become chicer, you need to add a bit of something extra to your look. A teal poncho that features fringes hanging would look bold and statement-making when you use it with denim jeans and a plain-colored top.

  • Sophistication is Key

When wanting to pull of the boho chic look, you must have to look natural instead of poor, tacky and dull. Sophistication can easily show off if you dress the look you’re going for. It would also come with the accessories so make sure you choose only the best and classy ones.

Some ensembles will make you look unflattering, so it’s really important to pick outfits that would look great on you.

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