Tips On Choosing Expert Asphalt Contractors

There is a great probability for you to find a dozen of asphalt contractors around you, but choosing expert asphalt contractors services can be quite tricky at times. There are several contractors operating in the market who are always in a lookout to scam you. If you are a homeowner who does not have much experience in handling the paving projects, here are some of the tips in finding a reliable asphalt paving contractor and also acquiring some world-class quality work.

Choosing The Right Asphalt Contractors

Choose quality- One of the first parameters that you must take into account is that you choose the one who promises to deliver quality work. Good quality work ensures longevity and durability. Here are the things that you should keep in mind:

  1. You should look for their names on the internet or phonebooks and check their online reputation.
  2. Check if they have an insurance certificate to their name
  3. You need to make it a point to check their portfolio & assess the overall quality of their accomplished jobs & work locations
  4. Check if they have several testimonials to their satisfied customers.
  5. Don’t forget to check the reviews and ratings of their work

Because of the stiff competition in the present times, several asphalt contractors are making use of several ways and means for advertising their names and services. In fact, even the scammers are more than capable of hyping their businesses.

Ask them these questions before hiring:

Asphalt Contractors

In order to distinguish the most competent asphalt contractors from the rest, here are some of the most crucial probing questions that you should necessarily ask while taking a decision.

  1. Do you have the right amount of experience and are well-versed with the latest technologies which can assure quality and quick work?
  2. Are you capable of offering the desired customer service prior to and after the job? If yes, what nature of customer service are they able to offer?
  3. Are you able to offer any nature of value-added services?
  4. You should necessarily ask then the definition of quality products & services which they provide
  5. Do they have knowledgeable sales personnel who can clearly tell them the benefits & options for the several approaches which they will implement during the course of repair?
  6. long they have been in the business of asphalt paving?
  7. What is the total time duration they would require for completing the concerned job?

These are very crucial and useful questions that you should ask while comparison shopping.

In addition the above-mentioned questions, you must not forget to ask them about the pricing and quotation for the entire project, doing a comparative analysis of all the quotation will ensure that you will have the best rates with you. By adopting this way, you will wisely be able to choose the best from amongst the rest. You should necessarily keep this in mind that you should not easily accept the contractors who will offer their services at a comparatively lower price. You should make it a point to carefully examine their overall track record and also the products which they are using.

There are also several other things that you should necessarily discuss with the asphalt contractors before calling them for initiating the job. You should necessarily check their license and insurance. This is exceedingly necessary as you might end up becoming a victim of a fraud. Also, you should keep this in mind that if any of the workers get injured during working, you might land up into trouble if the contractor doesn’t have the insurance. Secondly, you need to check about the proper drainage in order to ensure that there is no waterlogging on the driveway.


Make sure that the contractors’ hands over a written contract which has all the services along with pricing and timeline mentioned which ensures that there are no last-minute surprises. This will surely protect you in the future in case some discrepancy arises between both the parties.

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