Tips to chose the right pocket square for your outfit

Getting into a proper suit while following the etiquette is quite tough work. Even, what to wear and where to wear is also a necessary decision that the person needs to take by every man. But the toughest one is to decide whether he should choose a pocket square or not, or whether the pocket square will prove to be the perfect grab for him. Along with that, certain questions also came up to his mind will he look good with the pocket square or he is making himself fun in Infront of everybody?

According to the fashion experts, if you want to upgrade your dressing sense, you must add a pocket square with your suits, if often create an elegant yet rich look which is presentable in every important occasion, whether in a marriage ceremony or any meeting. Hence the companies like the Manyavar have come up with different types of pocket square, and all you need is to choose the correct one for your presentable suit. Now the question is how to choose the pocket square for your proper outfit? Hence, to solve this problem, one must follow the tips that are mentioned in this article. They are as follows:

  • Choosing the right pocket square during work: for work, you must choose a dark blue colour suit with a light colour pocket square, which often create the male suits much more attractive and interesting. As you are in the workplace hence always try to choose a non-dazzling or non-silky pocket square. And if the suit is with the tie, then it is suggested that you must opt for the cotton fabric single colour pocket square.
  • Pocket square for attaining any ceremony: For attaining any ceremony like the marriage function or any religious-based ceremony like homecoming ceremony or any engagement ceremony, a dark-coloured suit is much more suitable. During this time, you must choose a bright-coloured pocket square. And the fabric must be silk. And if you are a groom, then you must use the red-coloured pocket square for upgrading your suit.
  • For any weekend outing: if you are decided to go for an outing on the weekend holidays, then you must opt for a casual look such as any simple blazer along with a checked shirt. If you wear this kind of suit then you must choose the pocket square which is either striped or checked. But the pocket square must be in a light colour.
  • For any kind of summer party: For summer parties are the ideal place where you can show your creativity with your look and with your suit and elegance. At such kind of party, if you wear any checked suit, then you must choose a bright coloured single patterned pocket square for your suit.
  • Pocket square with another patterned suit: You also need to know what types of pocket square you need to choose with other coloured or patterned suits. The best tip is that you must choose the pocket square by contrasting the shirt you wear along with the suits. Choosing such kind of pocket square often provides an elegant look.

There are also many more tips that could help you to choose the correct pocket square for your suit.

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