Top 10 Dangerous Social Networking Apps for Teenagers

Since technology has evolved in terms of cell phones and internet digital parenting has become so much demanding no time ever before. In addition, the invention of social networking apps that everyone can use on the cell phone connected to the cyberspace has oil the wheels of online vulnerabilities for kids and teens in particular.

Today, children online security is at stake due to the presence of social messaging apps on cell phones and most of the kids own a smartphone that is so alarming. Today we are going to discuss the top 10 dangerous social networking apps for teenagers.

However, the technological advancements also have come up with the parental controls to monitor cell phones of kids in order to keep an eye on their social networking apps activities, the content they visit and the multimedia they send and receive. Today, I am doing to draw parent’s attention towards the top social media apps that could be dangerous for kids if they are obsessed with them.


Facebook for Teenagers

Facebook is one of the most popular and classic social media platforms and you can see it on every cell phone these days you just name it. So, that’s why everyone has a Facebook account including such users who don’t care what they share and what would be outcomes. People these days share photos of oneself to friends in scanty clothes and pose in such a sexually suggestive way. In return young kids get their eyes and start following the activities and often get bullied, stalked online.


Yahoo chat rooms are very popular where you can choose people from different countries and have a conversation with them either through text, audio, and video. Yahoo is one of the most classic social media apps that is been designed a couple of decades ago. Over the years it’s been used as a dating platform and young kids and teens get involved in online worthless relationships. People also met on yahoo and then meet in real –life with the stalkers, sexual predators and others. So, parents need to aware of this particular platform where teens often got trapped by strangers.


WhatsApp instant messaging app without the shadow of the doubt is the princess without a crown especially when it comes to social networking apps and its usage. WhatsApp has billions of users worldwide and teenagers are at the top in terms of using WhatsApp. They use it for messaging, chat conversations, shared media in terms of photos, videos. So, teens may receive or share inappropriate content of one-self or through others.


This particular social media app needs no introduction at all. There are millions of Snapchat users from all over the world. The famous “bubble messaging app” has come up with plenty of security and privacy issues over the years that can put a young user is deep trouble. The particular instant messaging app Snapchat is widely used among teenagers and since 2014 it’s been hacked so large number of users lost their privacy in terms of private photos, videos, and others. It has so-called privacy that multimedia and chats destruct it but at the same time, user can use a screenshot of the photos and later on can exploit it.

Kik messenger

It was designed for chat messaging and has fun online. It enables the user to send messages, photos, and sketches. The app does not require age verification at all and even tweens can use it on their cell phones that could be pretty dangerous. It means cyberstalkers, and bullies can trap a young child over there.


Tinder is particularly developed for online dating where adults can find out their match to have fun together in real –life once after they have met on Tinder. The dangerous thing is even the teens and tweens started using this dating app on their mobile phones. User can share its GPS location to hare nearby matches but for kids, it’s pretty dangerous.


It is a well –known photo sharing app that has made its way among teens in particular to the next level. it certainly allows the user to capture and share photos to followers, but over the years due to average popularity, it has become a soft target for the hacker that can steal the information photos particularly.


Social Networking for Teenagers

Teenagers use this particular social media platform as microblogging to create and share content. It further allows the young user to share text, photos, videos, On the other side, according to the reports of Common sense media, Tumblr is full of raunchy for tykes” inappropriate, aggressive and sexually explicit content that is clearly harmful to teenagers.

Bigo Live

Bigo Live is a live video streaming app that empowers young users to make their videos and then share it to the Bigo Live platform. Young people these days are used to of making intimacy, sexually explicit videos with their boyfriends and also perform striptease activities over it for making money online.

Parents need to aware of these top 10 social networking apps and they should parental control app on kid’s digital devices.

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