Top 5 Essential Gadgets for Travel Vloggers

If you love to explore the unknown, live new culture, and meet new people, then you should consider traveling Vlogging as a career option. It is the latest trend and one of the most popular channels of entertainment on video channels. Vlogging is all about life on the road and documenting the adventures. A travel Vlogger connects with the world and becomes a part of the community by sharing the travel tips, reporting exciting facts, and recording the experiences for the rest of the life. If you are considering it as a career option, here are five essential gadgets for travel Vloggers:

  • Camera:

    Though we all have latest smartphones in our hand that feature good camera but nothing, can match the quality and power of the images shot using the professionalcamera.To be a successful video blogger you need to, be equipped with the latest camera lens, memory card, and tripod to ensure best quality images and videos.

    Travelling with camera

    While selecting the camera to ensure that you choose a lightweight camera, it should have a flip screen and include optical image stabilization. If you want to document the sporting adventure then it is must to invest in a good quality Go Pro camera.

  • Microphones:

    Relying on the microphone of the camera is not a great idea as it is of average quality and it catches every sound around you. They are noisy and can’t discriminate the sounds. Thus, it is essential to invest in a good microphone. This will also help you record the interesting stories that you can share in the form of videos. You can also use the microphone to record the street sounds and local music to add to your experiences and editions.

  • Laptop:

    To make impressive videos it is very important to edit the videos. So it is vital to invest in a good laptop on which you can conveniently run both basic and advanced editing software. Most video bloggers prefer MacBook Pro because of its user-friendly interface, good battery life, and speed.

  • Storage:

    For travel Vloggers, it is critical to carry large storage devices as you will be recording for hours at length. The number of videos and images often exceed the memory limit of the camera and thus storing on the hard drive is the best option. Look for compact hard drives and don’t forget to pack them in your luggage. The other option is to carry a couple of SD cards and tag them to avoid any confusion.

    Travel vloggers

  • Lighting:

    If you want to shoot a quality and professional video you need to ensure that there is good light. Invest in lighting equipment to enhance the recording quality of the camera. The aim is to make yourself the focus of the attention and avoid the unsightly shadows on the face. Invest in the basic soft-light kit.


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