Top 7 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Wine Shades

Are you bored with the plain, unexciting decor of your house? Do you plan to redecorate it? Maybe add some interesting color splashes to make it look like the perfect dream house you’ve always wanted? Or do you simply want to add a personal touch to the new house you just bought from Miami fl homes for sale? If you’re thinking about setting a bold statement and want to experiment with some exciting color, try going for wine shades. Don’t get into a rut. You will be surprised by how many different awesome ways you can revamp your den with this vivacious palette.

  1. Wine Up the Art:

    If you’re not really sure how this bold new look might work for you, try it out with key accessories first – a wine colored art, for instance. Complement it with a crisp white wall as its backdrop. This will make the art really stand out. Better yet, keeping every other furniture in a crisp white or ivory while adding a splash of wine on a small space will present a subtle feel of sophistication to your living room.

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  2. Wine-Inspired Footstools:

    As you get more comfortable with this rich, bold shade, start experimenting and get creative. A great beginning would be integrating it into your furniture. A delicate velvety wine-inspired footstool can give an interesting look to your fireplace. Melding it up with warm whiskey-colored armchairs will add to the coziness while you’re sipping your dry Curacao reminiscing pleasant memories with your friends and family.

  3. Rug it Up:

    If you want to add a little warmth to an otherwise spacious loft or a living room, add a rug at the center with a splash of red wine. Set an eye-catching coffee table over it, flanked by sofas on the sides in white colored wines like champagne or chardonnay. This is a savvy practice when you want to make a room with limited items of furniture look a little tight-knit. This will preserve the blend of subtlety and flamboyance.

  4. Mingle Them Wines:

    Who says red and white wine can work only in silos? While it might seem like a bold step, you can blend them in to create a gorgeous wallpaper with large catchy prints. Balance the dramatic prints with moody shades of ivory for your furniture. Natural tones of wood on cabinets will also supplement the scintillating prints. This will definitely spruce up the place to soaring levels.

  5. Make it Pop:

    Use a statement furniture, maybe an armchair on the backdrop of clear white. You can keep the curtains in your favorite neutrals to balance the stark contrast. A smart choice in accessorizing would be lighter shades of gray or a blend of white and black prints. This chic color scheme will make that red wine pop out beautifully. This look could be incorporated into your living room, office space, or fireplace. Watch your mood light up every time you enter the room!

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  6. Tantalizing Textures:

    A textured wallpaper of a delicate hue of merlot in your bedroom will only but elevate your mood when you wake up in the morning. To complete the perfect blend of this sublime look, you can enrich the warm hue of the wallpaper with a cool lilac tone for your bedspread and curtains. This is an incredible way to spruce up your bedroom while preserving the quiet, moody atmosphere.

  7. Bedspread and Pillows:

    Using bold velvety red wine for your bedspread and pillows will give a welcoming view. Make sure to keep your curtains and walls in a subtle shade to balance the loud tone of the innocuous wine. A brilliant choice would be to paint the walls in a sensuous champagne cast. The plain ultralight walls will make the lovely red wine pop out. This would make the perfect combination of comfort and style.

These are some ingenious ways to decorate your home with that aesthetic look you were so looking forward to trying out. Who knew the elegance, warmth and relaxing nature of wine, as the namesake drink, and as a color, would invoke such creativity in you to remodel your house in a crafty way? Next time you’re sipping on that glass of wine, don’t forget to appreciate the beauty of the same. Salut!

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