Top 9 WordPress plugins Needed for a Business Website in 2018

Business Websites and WordPress Plugins

Using WordPress for business purposes is something quite normal these days. WordPress Development Services have never been more popular and for a reason. Creating a business website is one of the best ways to increase sales.Though, some skills are needed in order to achieve proper results.

Even if you plan to Hire a WordPress developer knowing a thi¬ng or two will be always beneficial. We are always sharing our knowledge and this time we are going to talk about those important plugins.We’ve gathered a list of the Top 10 WordPress plugins needed for a business website in 2018.

  1. OptinMonster :-

    Are you tired of prospect shoppers who abandon your website and do not buy anything? If 2018 is the year when you finally plan to grow your email listand convert this list into new customers the OptinMonster plugin is the tool that can do wonders for you!

    OptinMonster WordPress plugins

    Turning visitors into legitimate email subscribers might be a difficult task but it must be done somehow in order to increase profit.Increasing the conversion rate might be accomplished with messaging repetition, Split Testing Campaigns,Mobile Conversions, Onsite Retargeting, all with the help of OptinMonster.

  2. WPForms :-

    Communication with the customers is vital for any business. Every potential client should be able to contact you as easy as possible. With the WPForms plugin this can be achieved really easy!WPForms is a popular WordPress form builder that lets you create contact forms by easily drag & drop different elements e.g. payment, email subscription or order forms.If you want more advanced options the WPForms Pro version will serve you just right. Creating the right contact page has never been so easy!

  3. ConstantContact :-

    Email marketing is widely used in the online business sector when higher conversion rates are needed. Good email marketing strategies need big lists of email subscribers. With Constant Contact this list can be fulfilled pretty straightforward.The Constant Contact plugin is easy to setup and use, even for a beginner. It has built-in templates, signup forms and tools that work with other lead generation programs and are mobile-friendly.Reporting, that is explained simply can be used for adjustments of the email marketing campaign.

  4. Sucuri :-

    In 2018, when it comes to WordPress development services, not only in Australia, but in the whole world – the security topic is of most importance. It is an important concern that has a direct impact on your customers and should not be underestimated. With the use of the Sucuri plugin you can be more confident with your website’s security.Sucuri is a web application firewall that will secure your website against malware threats, brute force intrusion, DDoS, XSS attacks or any other hacker activities.

  5. BackupBuddy :-

    Even if you Hire a WordPress Developer to ensure security, keeping a reliable backup system is always the one last resort, you should always be prepared with! No business owner wants to use customer or financial information due to hacker attacks of a simple hardware failure.With the BackupBuddy plugin the whole backup process is easy and any possible WordPress restoration needs just a couple of clicks. BackupBuddy is a reliable software that we would recommend to anybody in need.

  6. YoastSEO :-

    When it comes to any online business, powerful Search Engine Optimization is a must. Don’t focus only on a city like Sydney – by reaching the first page of Google you will be popular not only in whole Australia, but globally. Yoast SEO is a popular tool that will help you in optimizing your WordPress website for the most popular search engines.

    yoast seo plugin

    Known in the past as WordPress SEO by Yoast, it lets us to add meta tags and optimizes your code especially for crawling. It is easy to install and setting up.

  7. W3TotalCache :-

    Every modern user will lose interest in your website, if it is not loading fast enough. This has been proven with many statistics during the last couple of years. A number of WordPress Development Services address this problem and do a good job. Still, someplugin stand up among the competition.Avoid losing customers due to slow page opening with W3 Total Cache!With W3TotalCache you will deliver compressed or cached files to your visitors. This method reduces the work of the server and increases page speed remarkably.

  8. KeyCDN :-

    As we said the speed factor is of much importance for your conversion rate. For this reason we are going to mention another plugin that will help you in speeding up your website.Content Delivery Network is offered along with many other WordPress Development Services. KeyCDN is a simple, affordable and fastcloud-based CDN you can rely on. By optimizing your website It will reduce the loading time of your pages to every part of the globe, which will for sure affect your prospect customers. KeyCDN offers real-time logging capabilities and advanced reporting via simple intuitive interface.

  9. Albacross plugin

    If you are working really hard to drive traffic to your website, you don’t obviously want them to slip away unconverted at any cost. If this is the case, then you should definitely think about using a lead generation tool on your WordPress site. Albacross is the world’s first free B2B Lead Generation Network which enables you to identify your website visitors. This plugin streamlines the process of integrating the tracking code with your WordPress site. The features that make Albacross powerful include: possibility to track the companies which are visiting your website, get additional information on them such as what pages they’ve been at, who their decision-makers are and how they can be reached out to. What’s more is that Albacross is free to use. But if you want to make the most of it, then go for its premium version, the paid plans of which start at €79/month.

Conclusion :-

WordPress Development Services are very powerful but we all know that just the basic themes won’t do the trick in today’s online marketing era. In order to achieve quality appearance we have to use various plugins that make our life easier in the end.

If you are now starting to use WordPress for business purposes our list of must-have plugins will do wonders for you. With our advice you can expand your market not only in Australia, but globally. We have a plugin option for every important area, which will make your website faster, more appealing and user-friendly – after that it is only a matter of time to increase profit!

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