Top Blogging Tips For New And Beginner Bloggers

Initially blogging was only treated as a personal hobby in which individuals could share their ideas, experiences and feelings. Today, it has become a very important practice not only for individuals but also small businesses as well as big companies. Blogging has made it possible and easy to create and maintain online visibility, but it is only effective when done in the right way and manner. Even with your business website, a blog is necessary to increase digital presence and grow your client or followers base. Blogging is beneficial in a number of ways including:

  • Enhances your site’s SEO.
  • Draws more traffic to your site.
  • Establishes you as a leader in the industry.
  • Creates and maintains customer relationships.

Three Fundamental Blogging Tools

1. Backup Tools – Backup MySQL is one of the widely used blog backup tools due to the many benefits it offers. Whether you are blogging for fun or your blog is the marketing tool for your business, this tool will be helpful in keeping your blog content safe and available at all times.

Is Blog Backup Necessary?

Backup Tools for blog

Blogs are composed of two major components; the database where all the posts, articles, settings, and pages are stored and the CMS, a file that contains the themes and other content management resources. When either of the two components or both are attacked, you may lose all your blog information for good. Imagine the pain of losing all your blog posts, images or even settings. In some cases, your web host can restore your WebPages from backup, but this is never a guarantee so you cannot fully rely on your web host to back up your blog posts in case of any eventualities.

If your database gets corrupted or lost due to hackers activities, virus, malware, or any other cause, you will end up losing all the content for your blog. It is therefore very important to back up your blog regularly to prevent loss of critical content. Fortunately, the tool has auto-backup features and will quickly restore your lost or damaged blog posts making your blogging easy and stress-free.
Backup MySQL Features and Benefits

The tool is auto-configured to effectively safeguard MySQL database with ‘plug & play’ or no setup needed from the end user. Some of the tool benefits are:

  • Simple Setup – The 3-step setup process involves picking the storage location, execution of the installation command line and confirmation of the database credentials and backup to be created on the server. Most of the settings are set to default to simplify the installation process, but you can customize the configurations depending on your needs and preference.
  • Quick Disaster Recovery – To restore content is simple and faster. Just a click of a button. It also allows you to restore to a different server or a non-existing database, making it possible to test your previous backups.
  • Zero Downtime Feature – The features allows swift backup for large tables or databases by skipping the locking and performing the whole process as one transaction to enhance backup consistency.
  • Point and Click Restore Feature – This quickens and simplifies the restore process.
  • Other Special Features – The tool enables you to backup customized database triggers, procedures and functions.

2.Publishing Platform – Also referred to as the content management system (CMS). This is the channel through which your content will get online. There are various platforms such as Bluehost, GoDaddy, Siteground and WordPress among others. The platforms vary in terms of performance, ease of use, price and other features. WordPress is a popular platform for bloggers since it is easy to use, it is professional, easy content editing and it is free. It also has numerous features and resources such as themes, plugins and multi-user features. Choosing the right platform depends on your expertise and your blog requirements. You can also use free online blog design templates to create your simple blog.

3.Content Development Tools – These include software that enables you to edit text, images, and video before publishing. Such tools include Canva, Readability Checker, Stock Photography and Optimizilla, among others. However, it is important to ensure that all your blog posts are original, interesting and relevant so as to achieve your blogging goals.

Blogging Tools

If you are a professional business blogger or you are just doing it as a hobby, no ore worry of losing your content. The effective and most affordable backup MySQL tool is the best option no matter the type of blog you could be running.

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