Top Engagement Ring Trends for 2019

Getting engaged and buying an engagement ring is a momentous occasion in someone’s life. It represents a new horizon and the beginning of a new life with a partner. Some people like the whole surprise scenario of the proposal and the romantic elements of getting down on one knee, having parents asked for permission and so on. Other prefer to be involved from the outset and especially to choose their own ring. It is certainly daunting to choose an engagement ring for someone especially if you’re not interested in jewellery and for most guys in a relationship, that tends to be the case. If it’s a guy buying for his partner or a lady buying for her female partner, try to figure out your partner’s current tastes by looking at some of their current jewellery. Take photographs of their jewellery at home and show this to your jeweller of choice. A skilled jeweller will help you feel at ease, help to guide you and also advise you on what you should be considering to purchase. Another alternative is to choose a “dummy ring” which is but a decoy for the proposal part of the joyous occasion. This can be an inexpensive ring that you choose in a jewellers and then use it for the proposal but explain to your partner that you can choose the “main” ring together. Choosing this way means that you still get to have the surprise proposal with a piece of jewellery but that you don’t run the risk of her being disappointed with your choice. Get recommendations about good jewellers from friends or family and look for testimonials.

The guys from Loyes Diamonds have put together this interesting video about trends and engagement rings. It can be a handy inspiration if you wish to choose a ring but you don’t have a clue where to start. Trends come and go but it is nice to be aware of what’s currently fascinating people when they’re at this stage of their life. Check out the full video below to get right up to date on the latest trends!


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