Top Five Causes of Eye Issues

Suffering from eye problems is not a matter to ignore. Not every problem can be treated at home. Some need specialist’s care. Thus, reaching an ENT specialist in Mumbai is one good option. Whether your vision isn’t what it used to be before, there are things to get your eye health back on track.

Be aware of these common problems to see if your symptoms can be cured at home or need professional help. Read on-

1. Eyestrain: Anyone who works for long on screens or read for hours are familiar with this one. It occurs when you overuse your eyes. They get tired, need rest, and want relaxation. Limit your time of screening to overcome eyestrain before it’s too late.

2. Red Eyes: Do your eyes look bloodshot? It is because their surface is covered in blood vessels that expand when they are infected or irritated. Red eyes can be a symptom of other eye problems such as sun damage or conjunctivitis. Be aware!

3. Night Blindness: Driving at night is not easy. It is where you get to know about the symptoms of night blindness. Some people have this problem from birth. You should be careful in areas of low light.

4. Colour Blindness: When you can’t see certain colours or cannot differentiate between the colours, it can be colour blind. It is because colour cells in the eyes don’t work.

5. Dry Eyes: It is when your eyes can’t make sufficient good-quality tears. You feel like something is burning or stuck in your eyes. Consult an eye specialist at the initial stage.

Therefore, if you think that your eye problems are not getting improved at home, visit an ENT doctor in Mumbai for better care. Also, you should not delay the issue. Consult doctors as early as possible.

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