The Top 7 Food Trends of 2018

Food for thought and Mindful cooking are the buzzwords of 2018 for all the foodies and culinary experts. With the changing trends in our lifestyle, the one big change that has taken place is in our food habits. The best part of the change is that the concept of fast food has been redefined and we are getting a step closer to nature. Plant-based food is gaining huge impetus and folks are gradually balancing their “meaty affair”.

The top 7 food trends of 2018:

According to the Global Food Forum, the open secrets of thriving food trends that have become vogue this 2018 are listed below:

Folks going Vegan:



Say it a trend or just “show-off”, but vegetarian food is in the peak this 2018. From social media users to food bloggers there are more “veggies” then “bacon”, which clearly depicts the rise of plant-based menus rather than heavy side dishes. Even the meat lovers are accepting a change in their taste buds by trying out different undiscovered recipes with vegetables like raw jackfruit, be it in chunks or shredded. It is rich in proteins and can be consumed as a substitute of meat for its meaty texture. Other than this, variety of sea vegetables like dulce or sea weed that brings a lingering aroma and infuse exotic flavors with just a sprinkle are coming up on the platter.

Tangy pickles and ferments:

Tangy pickles

Fermented food is the best dose for probiotics. Adding some tangy fermented food to the daily menu is the idea for a “healthy gut”. This food not only adds zing to the tongue but works wonder for irritable bowel disorders, triggers infertility issues and works as a great skin tonic. Some easy DIY recipes for home cooking include the kimchi salad made from choice of your vegetables and bash of rice vinegar with aromatic seasonings. It goes well with rice and noodles and it is even great to kill your tiny hunger pangs.

Balanced meal platters:

Balanced meal in lunchbox


The rise of vegetarian food is much talked about this year. Although foodies are joining the vegan crowd, but for many it is going to be a tough task. Those having a soft coroner for meats can take a chill-pill as global nutritionists suggest a better way out by balancing meat with veggies. A plate loaded with vegetables of your choices, mushroom chunks and a lean meat breast is the perfect meal plan to stay fit and balanced.

Rediscovering the cuisines:


Rediscovering the cuisines

Old and new cuisines are now entering the food scene. Ethnic cuisines have been in the frontline recently and people have really loved it. Food researchers have rediscovered the different menus that are getting all the love from people. An African cuisine, one of which is Zanzibari, has some hues in the current Portuguese menu. Some mouth watering dishes include – pepper shark and boku-boku are just irresistible. Moreover Filipino dishes are one of the latest food trends that are entering the mainstream – Adobo is one popular protein rich dish loaded with aromatic flavors.

Wealth out of waste:

Food trend in 2018
Good food is certainly a priced possession. “’Going zero waste” is the mantra of food trend this 2018. We have always heard of the fact that there is more nutrition in the vegetable peels rather than the flesh. This year foodies are certainly taking it on a serious note, and have joined the mission of minimizing food wastage. Before you start researching, one of the best and easy ways to start with is potato peel crisps, or muffins from banana peel. The last but not the least, jams made from the rejected fruits serves great in the daily breakfast.

One bowl meals:

One bowl meals

2018 breaks the monotony of bowl dishes, which is generally referred to as one bowl noodle or soups. The one bowl meal concept has many beneficiaries from having it while working in office desks to watching your favorite league in television. Some easy recipes includes oatmeal power bowl, misso veggie breakfast bowl and & spice teriyaki chicken bowl.

Shake and Shake Some More:



Shakes are the best meal replacement and this year, shakes are gaining new dimension. For all those who are looking for healthy shakes can include plant based wild shakes from Aloe Vera to wild berry shakes that have a fresh minty flavor. All the foodies with a sweet tooth can try the donut shake which is simply yummilicious.

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