Top Reasons to Consider Oral Sedation Dentistry

Most of us have a fear of the dentist. The mere thought of going to a dental clinic makes us nervous. We worry about the pain that dental treatments are associated with. Worse still, some people may even avoid consulting the dentist altogether particularly in cases where they think the problem can go away on own. Sedation dentistry is for all such people where the use of special medications is done to make patients feel relaxed during dental procedures.
In sedation dentistry, the use of medications or options can range from general anesthesia to nitrous oxide to laughing gas with the focus to let patients feel less consciousness or awareness. Such procedures are though common with oral surgeries, but the dentist may also recommend them where the patient has no fear or anxiety. The use of sedation dentistry will be specific to cases.

Here are some of the top reasons to consider sedation dentistry –

1. To face the fear of the dentist

Fear of the dentist is perhaps the most common reason for people or patients to choose sedation dentistry. Its use is mostly done in cases where fear or anxiety over a dental visit is experienced by patients. The dentist can use this form of dentistry to relax the patients during procedures and dull their senses. Patients can feel a happy and relaxed sensation with no pain at all. The patient will not even remember the procedure at all when sedation dentistry is used.

2. To pass time more quickly

Pain often lingers longer, or at least, it feels so. The thought of lying in the chair at the clinic and the dentist prodding bizarre tool in the mouth can make the time feel standstill. That’s why some people find dental procedures lasting for eternity when such is not the case. To avoid all such feeling, a patient can always urge the dentist to use sedation dentistry so that the time can fly by more quickly. This is how you can prevent pain from staying for longer.

3. To avoid the need for multiple visits to the dentist

New Oral Sedation Dentistry

The use of sedation dentistry is also common in cases where patients want to avoid multiple visits to the dentist. There are some dental procedures which require extensive work and even dentists prefer doing them over several sessions to avoid discomfort to patients. Plus, there is a limit to how much a patient can handle dental treatment in one session. However, the use of sedation dentistry can help dentists carry on procedures for extended hours and avoid the inconvenience of multiple visits.

4. To eliminate the gag reflex

Not all patients are alike. While some go through the dental procedure easily, there are others who show a very high gag reflex during treatment. With the latter group of patients, the dental work can turn very uncomfortable for dentists and even slow down the pace of the treatment considerably. In such patients, the reflex can get triggered as soon as the tools go inside the mouth. The use of sedation dentistry, however, can avoid gag reflex and thus the patient will feel relaxed and the dentist will complete the procedure without any hassle.

5. To deliver a pleasant experience to patients with sensitive teeth and gums

Patients with sensitive teeth and gums can make a dental appointment uncomfortable for themselves as well as for the dentist. They may show some physical problems as well when their teeth and gums are sensitive. The use of sedation dentistry can ensure a pleasant experience to even those with dental hypersensitivity. The effects of sedation medications can keep patients relaxed all through the duration of the procedure, so chances of any discomfort are mostly ruled out.

6. To get a calming effect during dental treatment

Some patients find it difficult to sit still for hours during dental treatment. There are also patients with disabilities who may not find it easy to sit for long hours. For such fidgety patients, sedation dentistry can prove a bane as it brings calming effects and gives a feeling of relaxation. You can ask dentist Greenpoint to use the sedation medications if such problems trouble you as well. This is how you can have a fairly comfortable dental appointment and may return back home with happy memories.

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