13 Traditional Indian Foods That Will Change Your Life Forever

India is a land of diverse culture, climate and of course, ‘food’. Every state serves something different yet authentic made from the traditional ingredients that are less known to the world. The cuisine of each region is influenced by its history; making it much more than ordinary. The Indian cuisine restaurants in India and worldwide are famous for their unique, luscious and spicy taste.

Indians love eating and often they experiment with their food. This means you might find people thinking about their favorite dish if, you ever visit India. (wink)

Let’s discuss some most popular Indian dishes that you will simply love to try:

1. Chole Bhature

Chole Bhature

Nothing is better than crisply fried chole bhature prepared with chickpeas to fill your stomach. Add few drops of lemon syrup at the end and this dish goes to a new level. This dish is popularly served with onion and pickle to make it more delicious. Millions around the country love it.

2. Awadhi Biryani


Awadhi Biryani

Whether you are a rice lover or not; this is a dish that will change your mind. This is a fusion of spices made with condiments and beautiful long basmati rice along with cooked meat. Awadhi Biryani is a delicious dish itself that is admired by most people in India.

3.Litti Chokha


Litti Chokha

The smokey litti along with mashed potato and brinjal bharta is another super tasty dish from North India. The balls are made with wheat flour, which contains powdered gram, chilies, and achari masala. Then it is baked once and presented with chokha and chutney. The flavor of ghee is simply amazing.

4. Butter Chicken


Butter Chicken

Nothing can crave you more than butter chicken once you try this. Served with Naan or Rumali bread. The chicken is cooked in flavored fenugreek leave in butter. And the gravy is prepared in fresh cream and the infusion of spices which are nicely teamed with Kashmiri red chili powder. It’s one of the most famous dishes of Indian food.

5. Rumali Roti/Naan


Rumali Roti Naan

Naan and Rumali roti (bread) are an integral part of North India. While Rumali Roti is thin flatbread, Naan is comparatively thicker made of wheat flour and refined flour. It goes perfectly with many North Indian dishes.

6. Dum Aloo

Dum Aloo


This is true that most Kashmir dishes are predominated by meat, this a luscious vegetarian dish. The potatoes of small sizes are deep fried until golden brown and cooked with spices that offer piquant flavors. Topped with cashew, the dish is ready to be eaten by localities and others. The dish is loved throughout Kashmir and the entire country.

7. Brinjal Bharta


Brinjal Bharta

Simple yet tasty! This North Indian dish is relished is enjoyed in winter. Brinjals are grilled with over red-hot smoking charcoal or on an earthen stove. The bharta made with onion and chilies makes on mesmerizing. You can easily find this in any Indian restaurant.

8. Rajma Chawal


Rajma Chawal

Nothing can be better than eating rajma chawal when you are in a need to eat something comfortable. Rich is protein and iron, the red kidney or rajma is accompanied with steamy rice. The rajma is soaked overnight and is prepared with gravy that is craved by most people.

9. Paranthe



Punjabi breakfast is incomplete without this dish. The most exciting thing about them is the stuffing that is in plenty. There is a long list of stuffing made with potato, cauliflower, cheese, and more. The bread is eaten with butter and pickle. The hot bread is very delicious.

10. Tandoori Chicken


Tandoori Chicken

This dish is prepared in a cylindrical clay oven that first originated in the state of Punjab. Among many other tandoor delicacies, tandoori chicken is one of the most delicious dishes. It is certainly something that turns on the mood. It is commonly served in Indian lunch buffet.

11. Kadhi



This is true that curd is served in many dishes as an ingredient, but in this dish, it serves as a major ingredient. The curd is mixed with gram flour and prepared in a simmer with a pinch of asafetida. Freshly prepared pakoras are added to make it more interesting.

12. Rabri



Sweets are essential for a complete Indian meal. This sweet is made of milk and sugar and is brought to boil on a low flame. The dish is made having different layers of milk.

13. Lassi


LassiSurely a refreshing drink that more than loved. The yogurt is prepared with water and spices or sugar as it is made both ways – sweet and spicy.

Indian food tastes heavenly, as it is prepared with traditional methods that were practiced years ago. I personally think that every dish is prepared with love and natural ingredients and spices that re healthy and delicious to eat.

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