Traveling to India: Make trip stress free with quality tips

“India is where shades are especially fabulous. Pinks can enrich your eyes whereas in blues you could sink in.” I am not saying that these words are said by Kiran Millwood Hargrave.

And undoubtedly every word of these lines do justice with what India have. Actually, India is more than that in reality. What comes first in mind after hearing word India? Yes, illiteracy, ignorance, disputes between different religions and sects and poverty obviously but this is just one side of the picture. What else is reality and you don’t know about it is actually worth to see.
different religionsA land with different textures, a land with the monsoon, a land with a vast cruel desert, a land with six weathers, a land having ancient places and history, a land with more than hundred festivals in a year, a land of love, colours, hospitality, humanity, different languages and traditions. Yes, it is India, a country with several nations and heart winning hospitality with love.

There isn’t any a single person who visit India and not fall in love with this land. Visiting India is not one week job. If you want to see real Indian customs, traditions, love and colours literally it could take several weeks easily.

If you are worried for the weight of luggage you want to carry with yourself you don’t need to be at all as there are many cargo companies nowadays provide supreme quality services of the sea and air cargo to India from the UK as well as all across the world.

Where you have so many things to enjoy in India, there you should also be careful concerning for being safe, healthy and stress-free as well. Here are a few informative tips with which you can enjoy your trip to India even more as India is nothing else but the heaven of all those who love nature. So for being a safe and worthy trip to India, follow these informative tips.

When should you go to India?

vacations time in india

In vacations of course but here we are talking about time. India has one of those few countries who have six kinds of weather. Yes, it is true. So it is good if you manage your schedule as per the climate situation before leaving your country.

Summer is more than cruel for you if you are from any of European country. Because the temperature of 45+ Celsius is not a normal thing for you.

Spring, pre-winter and winter are the best time to visit India. Monsoon is also superb but in some states, there is a danger and chance of heavy flood. But rains of India has literally another level of the mystical world.

If you are fond of watching tree’s and meadows drenched in rain and surrounded by dark clouds and cool breeze with sweet fragrance of fresh cutting grass and soil than keep going, monsoon season is like a heaven for you in India.

Where to stay in India?

taj hotel in india
Though you are the guest of the nation you can’t stay at the whole nation’s residence. They are so many whereas you are going to stay for few weeks there in India. It could be a real problem. Ok, enough joking. It is recommended to find and book a room in a suitable hostel or hotel before leaving your country.

You can find rooms after reaching there but it could be a bit risky and may be costly as well. What else you keep in mind is find a residence in main and famous areas of the city. Though it is a bit costly as compare to other cheap hotels and hostels but in order to get quality facilities, it really is the best option.

Be careful about your money and documents

Be careful about your valuable things like money, traveling documents, mobile phones and other things like that. Good and bad people are everywhere all over the world and so does in India as well. Though the majority of Indians are good and kind but there isn’t any place in this world where bad people don’t exist.

Maharaja Express india

So beware of pocket pickers and thieves. It is suggested to carry a hand carry bag or waist belt along with a pocket so you can carry extra cash and traveling documents along with yourself all the time.

Also, keep photocopies of your all documents in your luggage. So if unfortunately or accidentally you lost your original documents you have copies of them which could really save you from a hectic phase.

Be healthy wealthy and wise

Indian food is another thing which attracts people from across the world. It is spicy, yummy and simply awesome. But on some basis, you could not be comfortable with it just because of extra spice.

food in india

Try to stay healthy, try to be wise and do not eat too much. It is water and Indian spice which could harm you. India is one of those countries who is suffering from a lack of clean drinking water so it is suggested to use always mineral water during your trip to India or use a portable water filter for being safe.

Try Indian food for sure but do not eat too much as you are not the addict of Indian spices. Do not eat street food as those are not hygiene. If you do not take care of yourself probably you could face some serious health problems. So in order to enjoy your trip to India properly, it is suggested to be healthy, wealthy and wise.

What else you should keep in mind during your tour to India?

Appropriate dress, safe transportation, first aid kit, and your medicines if you are on any. India is not a backward country but few areas are not as modern as capital cities of many states. So it is recommended to wear Indian dresses which cover most of your body instead of wearing western clothes.

Local buses, rickshaws and local trains are used for transportation in almost every city. You can have Uber and many other online transportation services but you could miss the charm of using local transportation in that way. Whatever you use for transportation try to be safe.

If you are on any medication, bring your medicines with you for your whole trip. Always carry first aid kit with yourself. Though there are hospitals and medical care centers in every city and town but still first aid is necessary.

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