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We all know that photography is wonderful art which can capture the existing emotion of objects. But photography is not only about selecting a right camera and taking a perfect shot, but there is more to it. Where on one hand clicking a perfect image is important on the other hand printing the photograph on a right photo paper is also equally important. You will find different types of photo paper in market such as glossy, and silk, and inkjet photo paper. It can be difficult for you to choose a right paper as only a professional or experienced photographer can explain you the features of photo paper and their uses for different type of photos.

Modern printing technology has made it possible to get a quality, bright and high resolution photograph. I am not only saying about camera but it’s the photo paper also that can produce a quality picture. This is where choose a right printer and ink for printing a nice look photograph comes into play.

If you are new to photography, I must tell you that printers and ink refill kits play a key role in the image quality and you buy should only buy high quality products. If any one of the things is not of the superior quality you will not get a photo of your desire. Nowadays printers such as inkjet, laser, and all-in one printer are in trend.

If you are thinking these wonderful tools are used only for professional photography but it’s not like that, these can be used for any school or college project as well.

Well! Now you are little aware of modern printing technology, but the main thing that I want to share with you is all about photo paper. As I have already mention choosing a right paper can be tough, so, here I am going to tell you features of different types of photo paper.

Hope! This information will help you in some extent.

So, let’s start with first kind of photo paper.

  1. Glossy Photo Paper

If you are looking for a paper which can provide a photograph of high resolution, I must say, glossy photo paper is right choice for you. This unique, bright, and bold paper brings a slick, contemporary look to your photos.

Glossy Photo Paper


Like other papers it can also show fingerprints when touched, but you don’t worry it is a quite durable paper and you can easily wipe off the fingerprints. This is perfect for smaller images because it provides a lot of punch in a small package.

Glossy photo paper also carries a unique shine on one side; this shine makes glossy paper different and attractive from other papers. This feature can help you find glossy paper in market easily.

  1. Matte Photo Paper

For better contrasting images, matte photo paper is one of the finest choices for you.Matte papers are mainly used because of two reasons, the first is this paper does not have any gloss and another one is that this is resistant staining and fingerprints.

Matte Photo PaperMoreover matte does not create distracting reflections and also give a finer detail image quality than the glossy paper. Matte is also great option to display the photos of the panorama, which is good when it is shown without plastic coating or lamination.

When you are not too concerned about the lack of sharpness of the colors and the resolution, you can choose matte photo paper.

  1. Silk Photo Paper
    Silk Photo Paper

This is latest addition to photo paper family. It is an excellent paper for those photographers who want a refined classic texture. It offers a thicker weight and soft reflection with a fine resolution.

If you are thinking which photo paper will be right for wedding, portraits and family photographs, I will suggest you to choose this paper.

  1. Canvas Photo Paper

Nothing can be better than canvas photo paper if you want to frame your photos.

Canvas Photo Paper



You know, canvas attracts those photographers who want to display artsy images. Basically this photo paper is similar to matte but it shows better resolution and contrast.  Moreover canvas can provide more bright and shine photograph than matte.

  1. Art Photo Paper

If you are searching for a classic textured look photo, go for art photo paper. As its name suggest it can develop such photographs which you can display to world. You will find different types of photo papers which come in the art category. And range of these papers can vary in terms of contrast of colors, tone of paper, textures and brightness.

Art Photo Paper
I think this information is enough for you. So, whether you are going to buy inkjet photo paper or gloss photo paper, you can see the difference and can choose appropriately.


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