Ultimate Types of Japanese Green Tea that You Must Sip Every Day

Japan is a country which is quite famous for its wide range of green teas. You can simply say, Japanese green tea is the most consumed beverage in the respective country. People love to take 2-3 cups of green tea every day to keep themselves refreshed and clam all day long.

Drinking green tea has become a custom in Japan and with almost every meal they prefer to sip freshly brewed green tea. Also, it’s a way of life and expression of Japanese hospitality. So, whenever you visit Japan, you will definitely get a chance to enjoy the soothing flavor of pure and authentic tea leaves of local farms of Japan.

There is an immense variety of Japanese green tea – the quality of them depends on cultivation methods, growing conditions, as well as steaming and drying process. Each type of tea comes with its own flavor, taste, and characteristics so, here we are discussing three well-known teas of Japan that you must taste once in life.

Let’s discuss it here!

Sencha Green Tea

It is the most admired green tea in Japan. It is grown in direct sunlight, although some farmers also experiment with shading the leaves for a few days before harvesting them. Sencha green tea is a steamed tea that provides vegetal flavor.

Bancha Green Tea

New Japanese Green Tea

Bancha tea is prepared with the same tea plants used for sencha but older or you can say more mature tea leaves are used. The green tea can be roasted and harvested later than sencha. As it’s made with mature tea leaves, it has a more robust savor, less caffeine, and less freshness.

Matcha Green Tea

This special tea of Japan is renowned for its vibrant green color. It is processed with superior tea leaves-grown in the shade a few weeks before harvesting so that flavor could be strong. Then finally it is processed into a very fine powder- matcha green tea is quite popular in Japan for its earthy zest so, mostly added in different types of Japanese cuisines or wagashi (Japanese sweets).

These are some prominent Japanese green teas that you must taste and if possible should sip 2-3 cups a day for enormous freshness and amazing health benefits.

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