Understanding & Overcoming Anxiety – Infographic

Anxiety is a state of mind that goes far beyond just being worried. Anxiety deprives a person of their self-confidence and can paralyse them with such a deep-seated fear that they withdraw increasingly into themselves, thus preventing them from truly living life.

Anxiety issues are often attenuated by their lack of proper diagnosis. Research from the National Institute of Mental Health shows that only 14% of people living with anxiety will seek effective treatment for it, with others either making do with substandard treatment or not receiving treatment at all. Many medical professionals are guilty of failing to diagnose anxiety in a person, all too frequently dismissing their concerns as frivolous.

Understanding & Overcoming Anxiety - Infographic

If you regularly experience moments of panic that hold you back from trying new experiences or mixing with other people, or if you constantly feel inadequate or unhappy, it’s quite likely that you suffer from anxiety. If you’re aware of these and other danger signs of anxiety, it helps to stop for a few moments and try to control your breathing, before then doing something that relaxes you, be it listening to music, taking a warm bath or whatever works for you.

Take a minute to ask yourself if you’re worrying about something that could happen or something that is happening. If it’s the former, your worries could yet prove unfounded. What happens in the future is outside your control; you can only influence what happens now, so do what makes you feel good in this moment. Most important of all, talk to someone you can trust about your issues. A large degree of anxiety owes to bottling up worries which, once shared and dissected with someone who cares, are likely to be far less burdensome or even evaporate completely.

If you or someone you know suffers from anxiety, take a few moments to read this infographic from Union Quay Medical Centrein Ireland, which contains some excellent information on how to cope with this condition.

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