Ways Jewelry can help you make a Fashion Statement

You can’t get the perfect look without putting some effort in selecting your outfit and choosing the matching jewelry and shoes. If you select the right pieces, jewelry can enhance the style of a simple dress. Statement jewelry can change your look in an instant. But there are a few rules for selecting the right jewelry. If you follow these rules, you will never select a wrong piece for the occasion.

The Rules of Selecting Jewelry:

Selecting jewelry for your outfit is a serious business, and that’s why there are a distinct set of rules established to help you in accomplishing this difficult task:

  1. Forget the Old Rules: In the old times, there were rules that restricted women’s choices. Women who weren’t engaged were not allowed to wear rings on their ring finger. When you are selecting jewelry, you need to forget all the old rules. Today, you don’t have to wear matching sets or avoid wearing rings on your ring finger.
  2. Appropriate for the Event: You can’t wear the same kind of jewelry everywhere. Bracelets full of charms aren’t designed for office days if you do most of your work on the keyboard. Glittery jewelry is appropriate for parties but not for the church. So make sure you select the right kind of accessories for the occasion.
  3. Skin tone and Style: When buying jewelry, you have to make sure that you buy the item that goes with your dressing style as well as your skin tone. If you are looking for pieces that go with most types of skin tones, then try diamond or rose gold.

How to Make a Fashion Statement with Jewelry:

jewelry for outfit

Accessories have as much power as, sometimes more than, your outfit to make or break your look. If you choose the right pieces, you can make a fashion statement with your jewelry without needing any special help from your outfit. Here is how jewelry can help you in making a fashion statement:

  • Use Statement Pieces:Statement jewelry is bold and can liven up the simplest of outfits. If you want to exude confidence without looking like you tried too hard, then pick a simple dress without prints and pair it with a statement necklace. Necklaces with big stones can enhance your look and make everyone think you worked hard on your look.Statement pieces are ideal for important office meetings when you are trying to impress a client but can’t dress in glamorous clothes.
  • Highlight Your Face: If you want people to focus on your face instead of your dress, then take help from jewelry. If you spent an hour trying to apply the perfect eye makeup, then it deserves to be seen and appreciated. The easiest way to make that happen is with the help of statement earrings. Try the flashy earrings that will make your eye makeup look even better and force everyone to witness the beauty of your eyes.You must keep the shape of your face in mind when choosing your earrings, and if you are not sure which earrings will be the right fit for your face, you can always try them first before buying them.
  • Go for Opposite Colors:Don’t match the jewelry with your dress. The best way to make a statement with your jewelry is by pairing it with the opposite colors. When you mix warm accessories like rubies with cool colored outfits like a blue dress or tank top, you create an astonishingly beautiful style. Gone are the days when fashion was limited to same colored accessories. In fact, it was never really cool to match things. The opposites win by a huge margin over the same colored choices.
  • Show Your Love for Minimalism:If you love minimalism, then the best way to express that love is through jewelry. There is a vast variety of minimalistic jewelry available today, and you will never run out of options. Whether you are a fan of stones or chains, there is a perfect minimalistic piece for you somewhere in the world.

If you want something minimalistic and unique, then try geometric accessories. They are the ideal match for short sleeved shirts and dresses. The geometric pieces are also quite bold without having the usual glamour of bold pieces.

Apart from geometric pieces, you can also try simple chain necklaces with accent pieces and delicate bracelets depending on the occasion and dress.

Using jewelry to make a fashion statement will become easy once you familiarize yourself with the rules of jewelry selection. Keep in mind that you can try the jewelry in front of mirror multiple times if you are confused about pairing them with an outfit. Once you start selecting pieces for different occasions and outfits regularly, you will learn the process and choosing jewelry every day will become the easiest task for you.

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