How often should you brush your teeth?

Did you know that, the moment we meet at the dentist and he asks us how many times we brush our teeth every day, the vast majority of us answer incorrectly? In addition, we all make sure that we know how we have to brush our teeth in the right way. However, at the moment of truth, we make some serious errors that must be corrected. In recent years a series of surveys on oral health have been made. The data collected could not be more revealing: 12% of people do not brush their teeth on a daily basis. In addition, some more serious data ensure that more than 2% do not do it in their life.

The fact that you are in the 86% percentage that remains does not ensure that you are brushing your teeth the right way. Next, we’re going to give you some tips so you know how you have to do it, so that you can have your teeth clean and young as you keep your skin young by anti-aging recipes. In the cavity there is a transparent plate formed by bacteria, so we implement brushing to reduce the proliferation of these bacteria, and prevent periodontal diseases such as gingivitis. Brushing is nothing more than cleaning the teeth and gum eliminating the remains of food for daily consumption. On the other hand it is important to use auxiliary methods to complement dental cleaning such as dental floss and mouthwash. The technique of brushing is helpful for the healthy and strong teeth. A good brushing helps to reduce the risk of caries, halitosis and periodontal disease .There are many methods for the use of manual toothbrushes. All this will depend on the age of the person and the numbers of teeth present in the mouth.To brush your teeth properly, you should do it for at least three minutes each time you want to clean.

How Should We Brush?

Tips brush your teeth

  • First we must evaluate the toothbrush that we will use preferably one of texture or half or soft bristles with rounded tip so as not to cause damage to the gums, since a brush with very strong bristles cause the wear of the mucosa and exposure of the teeth. And firm handle to make it much easier to handle when brushing. It is important to remember that the brush should be changed from two to three months preferably to maintain its cleaning efficiency, since a worn brush will not do any function in the mouth. We will perform the brushing of the mouth from the top to the bottom in the upper dental arch and from the bottom to the top in the lower arch, the circular teeth and, last but not least, the cleaning of the tongue that we will perform from back to front. You must distribute the time in the four quadrants of the mouth. When brushing your teeth you should take into account the area that you are going to clean. It should start with the external and internal surfaces of all the teeth.

  • The brush should be placed at a 45-degree angle and short, small strokes should be made from the bottom up on the lower teeth and from top to bottom on the upper teeth, against the gum.

  • To brush the chewing surfaces of the tooth, you should place the brush on them and move it from front to back in order to be able to eliminate food debris. If you want to use it on the front teeth, you should put the brush vertically and gently rub up and down. Before finishing the brushing, you should make an appropriate tongue carving to eliminate bad breath and bacteria.

  • The most important brushing is what we should do before we go to sleep because there is more chance of tooth decay forming. This is so because at night the tongue does not move and saliva less, so the natural self-cleaning of our mouth is less effective and, if we do not brush, we run the risk of bacteria multiplying.

  • Use mouthwashes which will help us maintain a healthy mouth and fresh breath.

Hope this post has been useful. Stay happy!!

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