Why Pallet Shuttle Systems are the Future of the Warehouse

With Amazon coming up with amazing innovations in warehousing and supply chain each passing year, automation is certainly the answer to all questions related to supply chain. In this scenario, pallet shuttle systems are just what any warehouse may need to sort out its storage and retrieval processes.

Here are 5 solid reasons why pallet automation will define the future of the warehouses:

  • Accurate Inventory

Accurate Inventory in Warehouse

When pallets are monitored through AS/RS or warehouse management system, the probability of errors is reduced substantially to the point of zero error since the need for human effort for scanning the pallet license plate number is eliminated.

The system ensures that a suitable standard storage and retrieval practice like LIFO (Last in first our) or FIFO (First in last out) is followed, thus minimizing the chances of mix up as well as wastage.

  • Maximization of Cube Space

Automated pallet systems offer the opportunity to use the cube to its fullest. Since pallet AS/RS systems allow high-density storage, the vertical space of the warehouse, in addition to the floor, is utilized efficiently. Since the warehouse clerks won’t have to climb to heights to retrieve items, pallet shuttles keep is efficient and safe. A dense inventory can thus be stored with a much smaller footprint.

The surplus space thus created can house more inventory. Definitely, great news for a warehouse.

  • Higher Throughput

When a warehouse’s cube space is optimized and the surplus pace that is created by utilizing the vertical space, is used for storing more inventory, the throughput increases substantially. And that too, without employing more labor, as contrary to the popular belief, of course.

Automated pallet systems come with immense load bearing capacity and a remarkable drive speeds (as much as 787 feet-per-minute) as well as lowering/lifting speeds. With these sort of capabilities, these add to the productivity of the warehouse without adding more hands on the floor. With more space and faster material handling, the throughput in increased in a speedy and efficient manner.

  • Reduction in Product Damage and increase in Safety

Safety in Pallet Shuttle Warehouse

Automated pallet handling minimizes and even eliminates the use of forklifts on the warehouse floor. This elimination not only results in reduced damage but also adds a layer of safety. Since forklifts are known to be one of the biggest cause of damage, injuries, and deaths in warehouse facilities, the removal only results in lesser damage to the inventory and the property apart from better safety for the personnel.

  • Reduced Cost of Labor

Manual pallet handling requires human labor, thus increasing man-hours needed for material handling. The resulting is, inevitable – increase in labor costs.

Pallet shuttles can, on the contrary, reduce this cost incurred on manual labor for material handling by as much as 50%. Owing to the scarcity of labor that the warehousing sector is constantly worried about.

With these convincing reasons why pallet shuttle systems are a must for warehouses, it is not only easy but also important to believe in its power to transform a warehouse to become the warehouse of the future.

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