Why Travel Planning Should Start With a Map

Hans Christian Andersen once said, “To Travel is to Live”. Traveling is an aspect of contemporary cosmopolitan life. With the rise of the internet, the world has become a small place. Everyone follows travel bloggers on social media and drool over beautiful pictures from faraway fantasy lands. Travelling is part and parcel of life. And the best way to find inspiration and to start your travel journey is with a map!

1. Getting Inspired to Get Out of Bed

Travel Planning

With the advancement of technology, one can easily use their handheld devices such as a phone, iPad and even an iPod as a navigation tool. One needs to install the right navigation application, and then they can plan their trip effortlessly. One can then spend hours peering at cities of the world that you have heard of only in novels and movies. Put your finger on one of the roadways going outwards from the town, and follow it as it leads you to another one. There, you have an itinerary! Modern-day online maps can inspire you to get that honda Motorcycle Brisbane out of the garage and on the road!

2. Getting Serious About Planning

Serious About travel Planning

Now that you found your dream travel destination let us get down to planning! The best place to start with for travel planning is maps of where you want to go. Take a large screened iPad with you. Start marking down all the spots on the map that you want to hit. Online maps can also help you by providing suggestions, ratings etc. of the nearby places. By this, one can plan their areas of interest. If you have a lot of cities to choose from, this little activity can help you to decide which city offers the best vacation.

3. Working Out How to Get There

cappadocia turkey

The first step to start your trip planning is to figure out how you are going to reach your travel destination. Again, Online maps come to the rescue! There are so many roadways, railways, and airways between your starting location to your end destination that connect these two places. You can use a map to decide which option is the best for you. The latest development in online maps is flights. Companies like google maps have successfully integrated Live flight schedule tracking system on the charts. It not only makes it convenient to check the flight status, but one can also book a flight at best rates instantly.

4. Navigating Tough Spots When You are Lost

Navigating lost during travel

It almost seems like a movie plot. You are in the middle of nowhere, And your internet connection went away. You have no clue which way to go. It happens at times in real life, especially if you are traveling intercity by road. Don’t worry, as modern-day maps have a new offline feature. These maps give you an option to download the map of the city you are visiting on to your device. With it, you can easily navigate across the area that has poor internet quality without having to ask anyone for help.

5. Making an Itinerary Like a Pro

Spain Cadiz Beach Group Pic

Now that you are in your dream travel destination, again, your map can be where you start when planning your itinerary for every day. Again, start by making a list of all the tourist attractions that you want to visit, and plot them on the Original Scratch Map using markers or pin them on an online map application. Now that you have a visual of where every point you want to visit is, you can go ahead and group them into clusters of spots which would be easier to visit on the same day. Perhaps, a few tourist spots are in the same locality. You can group them and find the shortest path to navigate between them all. Doing this will save you both time and energy. You can then visit all the tourist attractions close to each other on a single day. You can also use the map to find out any other tourist spots that might be in the same locality but was not on your initial list. You can get the most out of your vacation if you are traveling with a map!

These are the reasons why a map is where you should start your travel planning. Not only do they inspire wanderlust in you, but they also help you to make your travel dreams a reality. Planning with maps can save you a lot of time and money.

So go ahead and pack your bags on top of your car roof rack. Head out on a road trip! With a map in your hand, you will never lose your way.

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